Friday, August 1, 2008


My husband gave me his lovely illness. Booo.... I stayed home from work yesterday. I tried to get up and run yesterday morning and I could barely even make it 2 miles! I was running a mild fever and just generally run down. I ended up sleeping for four hours yesterday. I feel MUCH better today and renewed and refreshed.

I missed two runs this week though. Ack! I'm going to try and make one up tonight and then long run tomorrow. Or, depending on how I feel, another short run tomorrow and long run on Sunday. It all just depends on my energy levels. I HATE missing a run, but I know that resting and healing are what my body needs. Plus, missing a couple of runs won't kill me. I still HATE missing a run though!

It's been raining for the last several days. It's great because it's cooled off this awful heat a bit but it has raised the humidity level to biblical proportions. I'm expecting the locusts to come swarming at any second. :-)

Today I LOVE: that I actually have ENERGY again. Whew.


Willie said...

Oh how far we have fallen when the worst part of being sick is that we missed a run!

Do you think we have a problem? Nah! Everyone thinks like that...... Right?

Hope you get better soon and I'm glad the temperature has dropped some. Still horribly hot here in OK.

Sarah said...

Oh my girl, have I got a mouthful to talk to you about. My reader has been all screwed up this week, so I'm just now getting all caught up on your happenings for the week! Sorry so late, my friend! Ok, here goes:

Stomach flu- you poor girl! Are you feeling better now? I admit, it does suck to miss a run but sometimes you just can't help it. Better laying around than having it coming out both ends! :) Hope you're drinking lots of fluids.

Yay for your new running group! As you well know, they make all the difference. I'm super proud of you for getting out there and meeting new people. This is only going to further your training like crazy and make the miles more enjoyable! Have you found a good time to run with your weather down there? It's perfectly miserable here. Hot and Humid. I can't imagine what it is in Louisiana.

"Super Skinny Me"- I am going to HAVE to catch that documentary sometime. Wow. I watched the movie/docu about the people that ate McD's, but not one about women trying to fit in "our" society by crash dieting. How interesting and how true. What one earth does that say about our culture??

"Speaker of the Dead"- who is the author of that book again? I'd like to check it out. You speak the absolute truth and I loved the quote you posted. God is truly with us at ALL times. It's pretty humbling in other aspects to realize that everything we are and everything we have and everything that is made is from Him and of Him. Humbling....and should dictate our actions and feelings, don't ya think? I try to remember that but fail all too often.

How is Jeff's dad doing from surgery? Could they give you any cause for such a thing happening? Can he see? Many prayers have been going his way from Missouri.

Props to you for helping take care of your neighbor. I know that it sacrificed your time and sleep but you did the right thing. Is he recovering ok?

Well...other than all those things I hope your weekend is going ok and that you had a good long run. I hope you're taking lots and lots of fluids and supplements. It's too hot otherwise! Gosh, we're going to totally rock SA if we can survive this weather!

Talk to you soon...