Friday, August 15, 2008

Running and traveling

5 miles - done baby. Avg pace = 10:17

I had a great run last night. The weather was a little cooler and the wind was blowing slightly. Ahhh... I only sweat off 2 lbs...ha. Plus the gates for the subdivision right next to ours were open and I was able to sneak in and run in their neighborhood. A new route always makes things a little more fun and interesting.

I will be on travel all next week and then I get to go see my brother, sis-in-law and niece that following weekend! I'm so excited that I get to spend some QT with them. I love them dearly and wish we lived closer. I wish we lived closer to ALL my family. *sigh* But, cool thing too - I get to run with Tiny Frog and her running group! I'm excited. Hopefully I can keep up. I'm always a bit nervous and intimidated to run with new running groups. I'm a slow runner and I'm afraid that they'll just smoke off and leave this poor little huffing, panting thing shuffling in the back (I'm the huffing, panting thing...). But every group I've ever run with has been great! There are always runners of all kinds. The only thing I'm worried about next week is getting my long run in. I'll be visiting my brother so I don't really want to do it then. I may just take Monday off to recoup from the visit and do my long run then. Or can I just up the mileage on my shorter runs during the week to get the same amount of mileage? Any suggestions?

I just got Chris Carmichael's "Food for Fitness" in the mail today! I'm so excited about reading it and learning proper nutrition. I've been doing better with the sugar and excessive carb loading. I've tried to watch it and supplement with more healthy snacks - fruits (I LOVE watermelon and cherries) and veggies and lean protein (like curry chicken salad and egg salad). The stomach issues have been better. Now I'm trying to work on portion control - stopping when I'm full...not when I'm FUUULLLLLL.

Another long one this weekend. We're supposed to have a lot of rain today, tomorrow and Sunday. Hopefully it will cool things down a bit.

Today I LOVE: Having every other Friday off with my new work schedule! It's AWESOME!

Happy Runnings everyone!


Willie said...
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Willie said...

Good for you for eating better. Can you help me now?? I finished the bag of Sour Patch Kids and have now entered the area of nothing but high-fat cooking! Haven't these people ever heard of low-fat or no-fat cooking products?

My opinion (for what it's worth), don't skip the long run. Adding miles during the week won't make up for a long run. The long run is a necessity for marathon training. I had to teach my body and mind to deal with the hours of running at one time. I would definitely try to get it in. Plus, long runs ROCK! I'd go crazy if I had to get through a week without my long run!!! Oh even the thought hurts!!

BTW, I'm not a typical engineer, I hate details! I'm more of a big picture kid-o-guy.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog and noticed that you are moving towards a marathon. I am also a new runner...started last year and am running my first 1/2 marathon in September. I live in Texas, so I am looking for cooler weather and longer runs.

Can i add your blog to my list? mine is

Good luck in your quest to the marathon!

Great Blog.