Monday, August 18, 2008

Ugly, Ugly, UGLY

13 miles - complete....So...Very...UGLY

Ugh - this weekend's long run had to be THE worst run I've ever had my entire life. My body was going to have NO part of it. Nu-uh. Not gonna happen. I have never had my body just not cooperate like that.

The humidity here has been really awful. We've had a ton of rain recently causing the humidity to just be unbearable. When I set out, the temp was OK (around 80 degrees) and the humidity 94%...yup 94%. I don't know if it was that plus the fact that it got pretty warm quickly, but I was sweating and sweating and sweating. There wasn't a single breeze to help evaporate off some of that sweat and cool me down. So, I would just sweat some more. My pace was crap. My legs just did not want to go. My whole body was tired. I ended up having to walk a good portion of the run and just never got my groove. Then the headache and mild nausea set in. I'm figuring from all the fluid loss. I drank all four bottles and just resigned myself to walking the last few miles back to the car. When I got home I had lost 4.8 lbs of water. NOT good.

But, I at least finished it, albeit slow and sloppy. I finished the 13. I'm not going to let this minor setback deter me. Ehh...the conditions just weren't right. I'm just going to take an extra rest day before my next run and get right back on that road.

Did anyone watch the women's marathon this weekend?? WOW!! Poor Deena Kastor and Paula Radcliffe. To be sidelined by injury after all that training. My heart went out to them. And Constantina Tomescue's win - at 38 no less!

I leave for Texas tomorrow. I'll be out there all week and then I get to see my brother, sister-in-law and my niece. YEAH!!! Nice little present at the end of the week.

Today I LOVE: resting on my off day!


Tiny Frog said...

same weather we had.. it was AWFUL.

i hope you enjoy houston while you are here although we are supposed to have a lot of rain this week which we desperately need.

i HATE HATE HATE that my knee screwed up our run date!!

Sarah said...

OMG! Jen, that's scary! Are you recovered ok? Do you take some electrolytes when you got back? I had a run a few weeks ago that was like that and honestly you can't do anything about it. I loudly applaud you for getting out there in that disgusting weather and getting the job done, however ugly it way. You go girl!

YES! I totally watched that marathon. I was brokenhearted at Deena Kastor- I so wanted her to medal. It was incredible to watch. How did she keep up 5 min miles for the last 10 miles? Gheesh...

Have fun on our trip and visit with family!! Be safe!

Andrea N said...

Oh my gosh Jen it sounds horrible!! I sure hope you're feeling better today. You deserve to take it easy!

Yes, watched the marathon Saturday night. I have no idea how Radcliffe kept going and going on that leg. And Deena...I just can't even imagine. The years of training and anticipation. Magdalena Lewy-Boulet dropped out too due to a knee injury.

Anyway - hope you have a great trip to Texas. Somehow I doubt that it will be any cooler!

Willie said...

You should really take some extra time to recover if you lost that much weight. It may take your body awhile to get back to normal operation after heat exhaustion. Please hydrate and include plenty of electrolytes over the next few days. I have been learning about cumulative dehydration recently. Running in the heat like you have been day after day can cause it. Even though you re-hydrate after a run your body may remain dehydrated over many days.

Good job getting out there though. You are my hero for today. Hope you have a ball in Houston.

Tater said...

Hey Jen. I finally got your comment about seeing my GEAUX on RBRs blog lol. I guess it definitely pinpoints me as being from Louisiana lol. I am just south of BR though I grew up in BR. Are you near? Do you do any 5k's or tri's? We are doing the Zoo Run this Sat. I was sick last year and missed it. Something about going to go run through a zoo in the heat makes my nose think twice but lol it should be fun. If you are doing it look for the huge girl probably wearing a hot pink tank with a green cap with flowers on it .. my fav cap lol. Would be awesome to meet ya sometime. You are wayyyy ahead of me on running. I just signed up for a beginner run group which is suppossed to get you ready to run a half marathon by December. I will stick with it as much as possible. I need to be able to do that at the end of the Half Ironman Tri next April.
Great to meet another Louisianan!

Tater (Beth)