Friday, August 29, 2008

The Waiting is the Worst

Well, I managed to get three runs in this week and I have my long run tomorrow. 14 miles! Ack! I'm a bit nervous about the run becuase I missed my long run last week and I am now into the furthest mileage I have ever run. Plus, my last long run was so miserable. Little thoughts of self-doubt creep into my head. "Can I really do this?" I have resigned myself to just taking it slow and easy and starting off relatively early to beat the humidity and heat.

My stomach is also in knots right now about this stupid hurricane Gustav. It's the daily anxiety of waiting and watching that is the worst. Do we leave? Do we stay? The latest storm tracks have it hitting land further west of us. I have stayed through several hurricanes evacuating only once for Katrina. We are far enough north of New Orleans that we usually fare pretty well. I know all of my Gulf Coast friends are on high stress alert just like I am. Thinking about all you guys! I'm just going to watch it and decide on Saturday or Sunday what I need to do. In the mean time I'll just prepare as much as I can. My only solice right now is that I'm able to watch Jim Cantore (Mmm....yummy) on the Weather Channel as he reports to me. :)

Everyone please send my friend Sarah good and speedy healing thoughts! She's such an inspirational, awesome runner and poor thing has been hit with a pulled muscle injury right in the middle of marathon training. I hope you feel better soon girl! Mmmmwwaaahhh!!

Today I LOVE: All the wonderful friends and family that have been calling in to check on us.


Tiny Frog said...

I am thinking of you my blogger friend!! I know its awful but I hope it moves EAST of LA, and just misses you AND me altogether!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Grief...dang hurricanes...Hope all turns out good and it misses ya'll..
Good luck in your long run! I also tend to doubt myself...You can do it!!

Willie said...

I hope that stupid storm doesn't get in the way of your long run. If it does though, you can always come to Oklahoma! We have a great running club, plenty of trails to run on and no hurricanes. Tornados yes, but they only hit trailer parks.

Sometimes it pays to live in the absolute middle of the country! Good luck.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the shout-out, my friend. I appreciate you and your prayers!

I've been thinking of you everytime I see a new forcast. You always have a place to stay if you want to keep traveling north to the great state of Missouri. My cats would LOVE your dogs. :)
Keep us posted.

Tiny Frog said...

jen are you ok? have you left???

Andrea N said...

Jen...hope you're okay and haven't had to evacuate. I'm thinking about you and your family!!