Friday, August 8, 2008

Another good one!

4 miles - avg pace 9:52

What the hell!!??! I was under a 10:00 pace AND I held it for four miles! I about fell over when I stopped and checked my Garmin. (I need to give my garmin a nickname...any suggestions? My little running buddy deserves a name.) I was running a sub-10 and didn't even realize it. It was easy. Really. And I'm not just saying that!! Now granted we're having some unusually cool weather today. Cool breezes plus low humidity makes Jen a happy - and apparently fast(er) gal!

12 miles tomorrow!! Sad, but I'm actually a bit excited about the long run! I promise...I'll take it slow.

I'm off to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics! I especially LOVE the lighting of the torch. I don't know about you guys, but I can't say the word "Olympics" with breaking into a rendition of the olympic fanfare - either in my head or out loud. And by out loud I mean OUT LOUD at the top of my lungs, usually four keys off and at the poor expense of my husband's ears. (Only in the privacy of my home or car of course. I wouldn't subject other people to my imitation of an entire brass horns section) Heee...

Funny thing to share...Jeff and I closed our wedding cermony with the Olympic Fanfare. We wanted something bold and regal and inspiring instead of the usual Wedding March. So when I hear the Olympic Fanfare I think I love my country AND I love my husband.

Happy Runnings everyone!


Willie said...

Look at you go! Keep it up and have fun on the 12 miler. Long Runs Rule!!!

As for names for your Garmin I'm no good at that. I call mine Garmin. Something will hit you, just go with it.

Sarah said...

YAY! You go, girl! How's the 12? Are you finished and did you ROCK IT??!!!

Like you, I'm super pumped about the Olympics. Gosh, people around me keep looking at me like I'm nuts because of it, but why not? Incredible athletes, awesome games, and patriotism??? Come on!

Great job, girl!

RBR said...

Nice pace! Rock on with your bad self!!

I so want to be able to run a 10K at under a 10 min/mi pace, but no love so far. I am too wimpy about speedwork!

I call mine F-ing liar, but I am not very nice.

Hmmm... I will have to think on that one!

RBR said...

Well, that didn't make sense.

I was talking at the end of my comment about naming your Garmin and my name for my Garmin.


RBR said...

Ok, i get the award for most comments on a single post...

I forgot to mention LOVE the new blog look!

Ok, I am done now. I promise.

Andrea N said...

Hmmmm. I love to nickname electronics. The GPS is our car is Emily, and I named my friend's GPS Betty. But, I haven't named my Garmin yet. I'll ponder names and get back to you.

Um...and that's an awesome pace!! Hope your 12-miler went well. I really need to put up a post on my blog here...