Monday, August 4, 2008

Impatient Runner

I forgot that I had a hair appointment early on Saturday morning (why in the WORLD did I schedule it so early???) so I only managed to run 4 miles on Saturday morning. I pushed my long run back until Sunday, which was good because it gave me a little more time to recover from the week's illness and stress. Saturday's run went really well. Having missed two runs that week I was a bit nervous to how I would perform, but I managed to log a 10:14 pace. so much.

Sunday I got up early and got geared up for my long run. I decided to fill up all four bottles on my fuel belt since I burned through the two bottles last weekend. With the humidity being so high I'm really using the water I carry. It's funny that I could tell a difference just wearing the two extra bottles of water. Not like it weighed a ton, but I could still tell that extra weight was on my body. I took my pre-run goo and took off. I set a goal of 12 miles. I would like to get several 12 mile runs in before I start hitting the upper mileage and my schedule only calls for two. So, I upped the ante just a bit.

The run started off great. It was cool (albeit humid!) and everything felt great. My 6 mile split showed a pace of 10:24! I was excited! The run back was much, much harder. Whew. Mr. Sun decided to come out and the humidity started to get to me. I was sweating buckets and burned through all four bottles of water by mile 10. I pushed through and finished out with a pace of 11:12. OK - but not really where I want to be. But, I'm really glad that I was able to get the run in this weekend.

Funny thing, because of the humidity and heat down here you sweat BUCKETS. Out of curiosity I like to weigh myself before the long run and then right after. I lost THREE pounds of water from sweating so much. It was obvious because the rest of the day I was zapped. It really took me about four hours of rest and hydration until I felt energized again. Whew. And then I was famished! There's actually a run in Baton Rouge in August in the middle of the day. It's only a two mile race. The catch is they weigh everyone before and then right after. Whoever loses the most weight (from sweating) wins.

I am such an impatient runner though. I want to run the 12 miles. I want to run them quickly and I want it to come easy and I want that to happen NOW! I tend to get discouraged a bit after these long runs when I don't have the pace I wanted or if they're more of a struggle than I anticipated. Then I start the panic. Thoughts go through my head, "If you can barely finish 12 miles, how are you going to finish 26?" But then I have to step back and realize.."Jen, you've only been training for six weeks - you still have three and a half months of training left. You'll get there."

So, you marathoners out there...please tell me I'll get there.


Willie said...

OMG you are already a marathoner or at least you think like one! It's hard to be patient but be careful of the too much too soon pitfall. If you do that YOU WILL GET INJURED. I say that loud because I used to hear that and blow it off thinking that won't happen to me. It did and I learned.

Take your time and follow your plan. You are doing great and you will get there. I have no doubt that you will not only run the marathon but that you will tear it up.

It is very hard to train in the heat but I think it will pay off. You are running in extreme conditions and when you get to run in good marathon conditions you will DOMINATE! Can't wait.

Tiny Frog said...

You'll get there.

Heres some info. Your long training runs should be run at about 60sec SLOWER than what you want to run the marathon in. and with the humidity, it should be 75 sec slower....i dont know what your goal MP (marathon pace) is, but thought you might want that info.

RBR said...

Listen to Willie he is wise. It will come in good time. I have always heard that your long run should be run at 1-2 min/mile slower than your normal shorter run pace.

I hurt myself before my first marathon (Nike) by running harder than my body was ready for and had to walk/run the race. I trained smarter for Napa and had a great race.

thank you so much for your kind words about Mary and Mary's Race (aka Barb's 1/2 Iron distance triathlon) I really appreciate your support!