Monday, August 25, 2008

BAD Runner....Bad Girl.

I'm such a bad, bad runner. I made all of ONE run...yup...ONE. I forced myself to go for a decent six miles, but still. Blah. Our work schedule was so hectic last week that I barely had time to eat some days, let alone get a run in (we had a couple of 12 hour days). AND it was a freakin' monsoon in Houston all last week - so that nixed any outside running plans. I also missed my long run. I'm not too torn up about that one. I really had a great time visiting with my family and that's way more important to me than a long 13 mile killer run. I'll just have to get back on the schedule this week and hit it hard.

Oh...and I ate like total crap all last week while I was on travel too.


**Edit** **Update**

Ok - I'm not quite the lazy slob. I ran a decent four miles this evening. Average pace 9:43. It kicked my arse, but it felt good. Operation "Kick Jenn in the Seat" is starting off well.


Willie said...

I feel your pain. I hope you had a great time in Houston even if you didn't get to run. 9:45 is a good pace! You are really flying! Way to go, keep up the good work and don't beat yourself up too much, everyone needs a break now and then.

Tiny Frog said...

as much as i hate you had rain in houston the whole time you were here, we certainly NEEDED the rain! at least it SEEMED cooler..funny the one week you are here, we get all that rain when otherwise prior to that nothing...and now that you've left..nothing...

great job on the 4 miler!

Tater said...

Wish we were around the same pace but I am wayyyyyy back in the back. I just started with a beginners "running" group at Varsity Sports in BR. I was 3rd to last for yesterdays run but oh well ... I am doing it. No events this weekend I guess because of the holiday ... bummer! There is a Dirty Diva/Dirty Dude event coming up Sept 14 in south BR at the state fairgrounds that I want to do. Haven't decided yet as we are going out of town that weekend and I want to make sure we will be back before I register. Details can be found at . I need to update my event calendar for the rest of teh year. Only have one possible triathlon left this year. My main goal is to begin training for half Ironman in April and to drop pounds so I will be able to improve run time!!! Will holler at ya about any other races. We go to NO for races sometimes. This year we did the Bubba Gump (I think there is another coming up next month) and the Greek Festival 5k. A friend of mine just did the red dress run. Saw pics - looks wild - may have to add that one to calendar for next year lol.