Thursday, August 7, 2008


4 miles - COMPLETE! Avg pace = 10:07

I am shocked....SHOCKED I tell you. I ran last night. Four miles. And it felt great. WHAT the hell is going on? I forced myself to head out the door and just get the run over with before I even sat down. I got home, fed the dogs, changed into my running clothes, downed some water and out the door I went. The temperature bar on the computer said it was 88 degrees with a heat index of 94. Awesome. But I couldn't wait or I knew I wouldn't get the run in.

It actually felt pretty nice out there! There was a good breeze and my legs felt good. I was just kicking back and enjoying the run and next thing I know I've hit four miles. I LOVE runs like that! I LIVE for runs like that! Easy. Smooth. Fast. Perfect. Euphoric.

I've been having some trouble with motivation and energy levels lately. I would get home, sit down and just crash. Night before I fell asleep on the couch at 5:30! I'm getting enough sleep at night, but I think my habits during the day are sabotaging my runs in the evenings.

Some things I did differently yesterday:
  • Ate a light lunch (I ate about half of what I usually eat - no gorging myself)
  • I didn't eat when I got home. I had a light snack at 2:30.
  • No sugar except for what was in my protein bar at breakfast.
  • I refused to sit down and watch TV when I got home (what I usually do).
  • I got straight into my running clothes and did some things around the house until 6:00 when I went for my run.
  • I drank about 48 oz of water at work and then drank a big glass of water before my run.

Today I LOVE: Edamame! I have a whole bag to eat tonight. YUM!


Tiny Frog said...

I will be the first to tell you NOT to eat big during the SMART...but not big. It makes a HUGE difference in those early evening runs. I had to adjust as well and took me a while.

Funny thing yesterday, I laid down on the couch for uno momento, and the next thing I know it was 5:20!! I 'napped' for like 20 minutes and had to rush out the door to make it to KW on time!!

good job!!!!

Sarah said...

Way to go, Jen! Perfection! You're being smart and I need to take a lesson from you. Rock on!

I have even more admiration for you for keeping your motivation going and working out after work...I know with your schedule it's impossible to do it in the mornings. If I couldn't do it in the mornings I would be sunk! Great job!

By the way, I LOVE LOVE edamame!! So yummy..a little salt and lemon..oh gosh, I need to buy some.

Have a good day!

Thanks for the encouragement yesterday. I'm so blessed to know you!

Willie said...

Great job! I agree, runs like that are what I love. You are doing awesome! Before long you'll be having runs like this all the time, then you'll be running 5 marathons a year, then you'll be running ultras, then... Well you get the picture.

Willie said...

BTW, after my preaching to you about not eating sugar I spent the day driving with Sour Patch Kids next to me. I tried to limit myself but you know how that goes!!!