Thursday, May 14, 2009

Food Hangover

If eating healthy and (mostly) sugar-free and feeling great hadn't convinced me, my massive food hangover from last night has. After my workout yesterday (3.5 mile run with sprints on last mile) hubby and I decided to go out and get something to eat at our favorite local eatery. I mentioned that since I upped my workout mileage I've been famished every few hours. This was no different - in fact probably worse. I had just worked out. I'm usually pretty good when we go eat here, choosing the fried shrimp basket with side salad (dressing on the side, of course!). Nope - not last night. My stomach had somehow developed a mind control device and forced my mouth to form the words "Fried shrimp po' boy with sweet potato fries, please" (at least my stomach is polite if not a masochist).

And I finished Every. Last. Bite.

ANNNDDD of course two hours later I felt completely miserable. Acid reflux - check. Distended belly from bloat - check. Sudden urges to rush to the bathroom - check. And I woke up this morning feeling completely sluggish and blah. I was meeting a friend at the gym for an 8:30 a.m. workout. I barely made it through 3 miles of elliptical and incline walking. This, in turn, made me even more mad at myself. So I decided to punish my smart-mouthy stomach and go for a sweaty, humid, jog (or "shlog" - shuffling jog) for 3 more miles outside. It was ugly. But I felt a lot better after that major sweat session.

No more eating like crapola. The moment's pleasure was soooo not worth the 24 hours of pain and suffering. And I didn't like how it affected my workout - at all.

Back on track now.

On goal for 30 miles this week! Sweet! I'll try and squeeze one more workout in on Friday to round out the 30 and then it's on to girl's weekend babysitting my niece!

Today I love: Having a good work-out week!


Denise said...

Isn't that a gross feeling. But I guess it goes to show how much better eating healthy is for us!

30 mile week is great!! Keep it up!

RBR said...

You are telling the story of my life. The more I exercise, the more starving I am, the worse food choices I make, the more I have to exercise... etc, etc.


Great job on the 30 mile week progress!

maria k said...

mmm sweet potato fries...
glad to find your blog! thanks for the marathon well wishes, i am so excited!

Marky Mark said...

THat is SO true for me. You know intellectually what to eat but hard to always carry through. When I did my marathon training I changed my habits and ate what I want and now I'm paying the price.

You'll do better next time because you can remind yourself how you felt later.

RunnerDude said...

Damn, that poboy looks good! But right after looking at it, I had that acid reflux taste in my mouth, even before I finished reading your post! LOL!!! I guess that's a good thing, huh? Our bodies are not letting our minds take over. LOL! Kind of scary.

RunnerDude said...

PS: ....although my body still lets me eat chocolate with no adverse reactions. LOL! Guess it's the antioxidants. Ha!

Girl on Top said...

I didn't shlog a lot.

Marlene said...

Ugh, I've learned that lesson more times than I care to remember. I have no control in restaurants! (That food DOES sound delicious...)