Friday, May 8, 2009

Who knew running took coordination?

A friend of mine at work goes to a gym across the street during lunch several days a week. She managed to get me a free pass to use one day to check it out and go with her. I finally brought my clothes and decided to go with her on Wednesday. I loved working out during lunch! It felt great, I managed to get 5 miles in (4 treadmill and 1 elliptical). I ate my lunch at my desk while working and when I got home I was done. No hemming and hawing about whether I should go to the gym or run outside or even go at all. No talking myself into going. I was done for the evening. Plus, I didn't gorge that afternoon/evening because my appetite was still suppressed from the workout. PLUS!

Now, the thing is, I really enjoyed going with her. But, I can't afford to join her gym because I've already paid for a gym at home (40 miles away). I did ask about their daily rate and it's $15 each time. Ouch. They only have a daily, weekly and monthly rate if you don't join. Boo. I wish they would do a punch card know, buy four days and get one free! :)

Funny thing, they had two new treadmills upstairs in the cardio center. I had never seen these and they looked so cool and shiny and new! I wanted to try one out. They were made by Woodway Treadmills . They have a thick, treaded belt and wide running surface. They're supposedly made for the "long run" and give a little more cushion than the normal treadmill. It was really interesting to run on. It was definitely more cushiony and springy than a normal treadmill. So, I can see it being easier on the knees and ankles for someone with joint pain. I really liked the display too. It had a huge display screen that showed you quarter mile laps. And it also showed your pace, avg. pace, distace, cals and time in an easy to view format. There were speed and elevation controls on thumb pads on the front bar which made speed work much easier to control.

Ok, so the bad...this sucker has some TRACTION! I about busted my rear-end several times on this thing. Once I actually stumbled and had to grab the front bar to keep from falling on my face! (yeah - I'm a ball of grace). Ha. Seriously, it grips the crap out of your shoes. You definitely have to pick up your feet when you run. I didn't realize how much I shuffle my feet while running - especially when I get tired. That ain't happening on this thing. It will eat your lunch if you do. So, yes, it does cushion more, but the fact that I had to concentrate on picking up my feet made for a harder 4 mile workout than anticipated.

I went to Varsity Sports (my fav running store!) and bought some new running shoes. I had about 300 miles on my old ones and could tell it was time for new ones. They had the new thorlo Experia socks in - buy one get one half off. Let me tell you - these things are AWESOME! I love thorlo socks already, but these put the old ones to shame. The padding in these are strategically placed at the heel and ball of the foot - where you strike the most. The rest of the sock is a thin, wicking dri-weave material. I love, love, love these things! I may go back and get some more while they're on sale. Funny thing the owner, Ryan was in. He's an elite 7:00 miler and has a Ph.D. in sports physiology. He's a wealth of knowledge and experience and always has great running advice.

Varsity is on Twitter now and I was talking to him about it. He was telling me how they had just gotten started on Twitter and really didn't know much about it. They haven't updated much because he said he doesn't have too much time to get in front of a computer. So I asked him if he had a BB or iphone. Yup - had a BB. I helped him load twitterberry to his phone to update more easily and frequently. He was like a kid in a candy store. :) It was great to finally be able to give him some advice on something for a change!

Our neighborhood is having a garage sale this weekend. I can't decide if I want to participate or not. I re-connected with two running girl-friends last weekend. I trained with them for the Mardi Gras half last year and they run just a bit faster than I do. I love running with them because they really push me. They go out every Saturday morning for an 8 mile run. I really want to run with them tomorrow because I'll be gone next weekend. I may get up and run with them and then just set my garage sale stuff out late (around 8:30). That way I get both in.

Off to the gym now...

Today I LOVE: having a day off!


Marlene said...

That is one high-tech, heavy-duty treadmill!

Have a great weekend.

Girl on Top said...

Why do gyms have to be so expensive nowadays?!!!

Willie said...

Love the site! Great shoes.

I hate treadmills, even sexy ones, sorry.

Look at you miss High-Tech!

RBR said...

Whoa! I tried to follow a link on my reader to comment and I thought you disappeared!

The site looks gorgeous! I have been so behind in everything I have not actually read your blog on your actual blog for a while, so it have have been this way for a while!

Anyhoo! I am glad you are well, done traveling for a while, and tearing up the streets!

RBR said...

Oh, but the giving up refined sugar thing? That is just crazy talk. You may want to check your temperature. I think that is a sign of Swine flu.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, glad I found yours now too! :D My gym also has the Woodway treadmills, and I found the same thing about the traction! :D Have a great weekend!