Saturday, May 2, 2009

crazy travel month complete!

Back home this week and no more travel (that I know of) for the next two weeks. I have one, wait two short trips for May but they're easy ones. One to babysit my niece for the weekend (yeah!! Girl weekend!) and one to make a presentation to the newbie employees (I call them "interds").

Orlando was nice, but HOLY COW that city is expensive!!! They nickle and dime you to death! Did you know that it costs $200 just to get in the park now!!?! I about fell out of my chair. I couldn't believe it. I'm kinda glad that Jeff couldn't make it down there. I don't know that we could afford the bank loan it would take to spend a few days at Disney. :D I did get to meet up with some dear friends who live there. It was great to see them and the girls and catch up. And by catch up I mean drink 2 and a half bottles of wine between the three of us. Ha!


The conference was really good. So often these things are on building science and mechanical engineering (Willie enginerd stuff. LOL!) Not that it doesn't interest me, but after you've heard the same thing over and over and over... This one really focused on the epidemiology of indoor air quality issues in buildings, homes and schools and the role dampness, insects, and chemicals play in human health and atopy. Usually mold gets all the blame. Now they're starting to focus on the whole picture and all the contributors. Good stuff!


I ran a nice 9 on Sunday at a 10:14 pace. I struggled a bit with the last two miles, but pushed it through. Again, it was mostly a combination of the weather getting warmer and not fueling properly. I forget that it's NOT winter anymore. I can't just run out and do an easy 16 without preparing. But, I was shocked that I kept a decent pace (for me) at 10:14. I was pretty sore the next couple of days though. I need to learn to take it easier when I'm inconsistent. I'm not a rock star. I didn't run much this week while in Orlando. The hotel was full of kids and I didn't want to fight them for the treadmill. Plus, I was starting to feel pretty burned out from all the travel. I plan on getting some good mileage in this weekend and hopefully have a good, consistent week next week (at home!! YEAH!)

GOOD LUCK TO WILLIE this weekend!!!!

Today I Love: that the plumeria are started to sprout leaves. The flowers won't be long!


Yony is my name. said...

Nice to be home now, huh? :)

Plumeria... oooooooh... I don't think I've seen it around here. I wonder if it requires humidity? I mean, it grows profusely in Hawaii, right? What color are yours? I'm fascinated by this crap these days... (total newbie, I know)

Did you get my message on FB?

Calyx Meredith said...

Welcome home! I love the science nerd stuff and am glad to know someone out there is having conferences and getting an idea of the bigger picture on healthy environments - indoors and out. Great job being nice to yourself and good luck getting your mileage up. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Southbay Girl said...

Welcome home.Travelling that much can be exhausting! But you have a week worth of running to look forward to!!

Girl on Top said...

Great job on the 9-miler.

Marlene said...

Holy, that is expensive!!

Good jb on the 9-miler. Hope you enjoy your little break from travel.