Monday, May 25, 2009

And here I thought I was in shape...sorta

So, I bit the bullet and started the Making the Cut workouts this week. Oh. Mah. Gawd. Let me tell you, Jillian is a torture queen. Those workouts are killer!! Funny that my only respite were the sprints she has you do between circuits. I actually looked forward to the sprints to let me body rest a bit and get back to something familiar...running. Day 1 kicked my ass. (I would have usually opted for "butt" or "booty" here to be a little less abrasive, but ASS seemed most appropriate for how I felt after!). I was dripping in sweat and my quads and arms were shaking from the strain. I thought I would get in some decent cardio afterward...thought. I barely squeeked out a 3 mile run/walk. My body was just spent. The Day 2 workout was a little better. My form on all the lunges is improving and I'm finding the exercises I like and the ones I dislike (push-ups SUCK and I totally cannot do them right).

Day 3 was rest day and BOY did I need it. My whole body was screaming at me. All I can say is that Aleve is my friend. No run after Day 2...again just too completely exhausted. I thought I'd fit one in during Day 3 since it's an off weight training day. Nope. The in-laws are in town this weekend and they're a bit high maintenance. I couldn't break away for a run, plus my body was really, really sore and tired. I figured I might could do with the rest.

Today is Day 4 and I opened up the book to look at the workout. It's a repeat of Day 1. The killer one! *&%$! I can do it...I can do it. Tomorrow is a repeat of Day 2 and then two days off. Sweet!

I'm still struggling to find balance between the gym workouts and running. Hopefully I can get through this first week unscathed and settle into a better routine. And hopefully my body will stop screaming at me at some point. Jillian suggests breaking your workouts up into mornings and evenings - weights and cardio. I may seriously have to start doing that. I'm really struggling to fit it all in at the same time.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Everyone please take a moment to remember and pay tribute to all of our service men and women and the amazing sacrifices they have made and still make everyday for us.

Today I love: The red, white and blue and everyone who has served to protect it. (Really that's everyday, not just today).


Middalia Wayman said...

I struggle fitting both my weight and running in. It is especially hard when I am training for an event and the running workouts are intense. I end up hurting myself. Good luck with you schedule and you cut workouts. I love Jillian, so many things she has suggested have helped me lose my weight. Now I just need to get strong and make the cut..hehe

Southbay Girl said...

that workout sounds horrible and great at the same time!! maybe I should buy the book too

Marlene said...

Holy, thoe sounds like some brutal workouts. I would expect nothing less from Jillian!

Too funny that the sprints feel like a break. Most non-runners probably hate them. :p