Monday, May 11, 2009

Bruised heel

Uh-oh...the outer left portion of my left heel is bruised. Not terrible, "I can't walk on it" bruised, but still sore and bruised. And the only thing I can figure out is that it might be my new shoes. I didn't notice anything weird or uncomfortable while we were running on Saturday. But on Sunday I noticed a bit of pain when I was walking around the house barefoot. It's a little more prevalent today. Hmmmm.... I hope, hope, HOPE it's not my BRAND FREAKIN' NEW SHOES that did this. I'm going to check out the insole when I get home to see if I notice anything out of sorts.

I took the day off yesterday from the gym/running. I hit it pretty hard last week - worked out six days and 32 miles (that includes elliptical and running) total. I felt like my body needed a break. I took the dogs for a nice 2 mile trek around the neighborhood. Of course, we had to stop and sniff everything and stop and pee and stop and try and chase the birds and...Oh wait - when I said "we" I meant "they". I certainly didn't stop and pee anywhere. :) (although I did stop to sniff several people's jasmine and sweet olive and gardenia bushes)

This week I'm leaving on Thursday night to go babysit my niece for the weekend. I know I won't get any gym time in between Friday and Sunday, so it's crunch time the next four days.

Oh and I just found out that the in-laws may be coming weekend after next. Great.

Oh and I'm famished too. I really, really am craving an egg sandwich.

Today I Love: that we have a cafeteria in the basement! Egg sandwich - here I come! :)

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RunnerDude said...

Sorry to hear about the heel. Hope it clears up for you soon! That egg sandwich is just what you need. That protein will speed your recovery.