Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pink is Awesome!

Shocker of all shockers on The Biggest Loser Finale last night! It was a night for the older folks to dominate. Jerry - the 64 year old (oldest contestant ever) dominated the "at-home" contestants and lost 177 lbs to take home the prize,and dark horse Helen, won the overall competition at 48. That's right...64 and 48! That's just freakin' AWESOME! How inspiring. Seriously. If I can't get my butt off the couch to exercise and eat right while they can...well, I just have no excuse. Funny too that pink has now dominated for three seasons in a row. Someone from the pink team has won overall for the last three seasons. I knew I loved pink for a reason! It's now synonymous with strength, perseverance and drive.

Good workout last night. I made it up to the gym and got in 3 miles on the elliptical machine (to loosen and warm my legs up) and then 4 on the treadmill. I ran the first three and then did speed work the last mile. I was going to do an arm workout, but I was pretty wiped after that. I stopped there. I'll try for arms tonight.

Do you ever have those times when you feel your running isn't improving? That you've plateaued and you're just not getting the results you want? I've been there a bit the last couple of weeks. I know it's partly because the summer weather really slows me down. Running outside in 90 degree heat and 70% humidity just zaps my speed. That's frustrating to me. I was easily running 9:30 and 9:40 during the winter/spring and now I'm lucky to get under 10:30 in the heat. But I can still maintain a good pace on the treadmill. Last night I was able to hold a 9:15 pace for three miles and then with the speed work I was holding at 8:06 for over a quarter mile at a time (recovery and repeat). So, I know the strength is still there. I just need to keep up the consistency and push myself out of that comfort zone.

Today I Love: that my hubby is meeting me for lunch. Yeah!

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