Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is this May??

Ok, the weather guy is up to something. I don't trust him. It's been too pretty this week. Lows in the mornings of 57 and highs of 80. And where did our humidity go from last week? It's been perfect running weather. Too bad this is only supposed to last a week and then it's back to the Purgatory that we call "summer" in the deep south....unbearably hot, ungodly humid and mutant radioactive-waste-sized mosquitoes that will suck you dry of any blood cells you have pumping through your veins.

What a difference a few degrees makes though. I went out for a 5 mile run yesterday to enjoy this weather while it lasted. It was cool enough for me to wear my running tights. Remember when you were a kid and a new pair of shoes made you feel like you could run Super FAST?? My running tights do that for me. Anytime I put them on, I feel like I'm the Queen of the running kingdom. Anyway, I cranked out my five and enjoyed every bit of it ...well, except for that first mile. The first mile always sucks. I got back to the house and saw that Minnie said I averaged 9:37 pace for the five! SHUT UP!! I couldn't believe it. I had been feeling a little frustrated because the heat really slows me down. I've been struggling to keep a 10:00 pace on just three miles lately when I run outside. This cool evening run really boosted my confidence back. I'm Ok. I haven't lost my speed and stamina from this winter. It's still there - just hiding from the humidity.

I'm so glad we have a long holiday weekend coming up. Whew - I need it. Hopefully this weather will hold a little longer and I can get some good runs in. Hubby's parents are coming in this weekend, but I can usually squeek a run in before they wake up in the morning. I think I'll still run the usual 8 with the girls on Saturday. I missed running with them last weekend and I really need to get a long run in.

Oh - just have to share this picture. I had a great weekend babysitting my niece. We painted nails (of course) and I let her pick the color. She wanted bright green with blue stars. HAHAHA...She loved it! I quickly took it off as soon as I got home. :) Husband said I looked like a witch. (umm...thanks...hahaha!)

Ok, back to the grind.

Today I LOVE: how frisky my dogs get in the cooler weather.


Marky Mark said...

Weather makes such a big difference! What do you do in the heat of your summer?! In an way it can be worse than the dead of our winter, as we at least can layer up.

Willie said...

Ok so I totally forgot to update my blog list with your new address so I was wondering where you'd been! Now I realize you've been here all along and I've just been missing out.

Sorry about the cool weather, I hope some SUN and HEAT come your way soon! It's awesome!!! Come on, it's almost summer so it should be hot. OK, you can have your cool weather if you want, just don't send any my way.

Love the nails. Very witchy.

Denise said...

Love the nails!! Very fancy! :-)

Thanks for the nice comment to my post, by the way. means a lot to me.

maria k said...

those nails are awesome! i always paint my niece's nails when i see her. i'll have to try those fancy stars next time!