Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stronger, Better, Faster...

10 miles - COMPLETE!!!! (avg. pace 10:51)

What a FANTASTIC long run today. NO knee problems. NO hip problems. NO stomach problems. NO humidity/weather problems. I'm kind of bouncing between a couple of schedules and today was supposed to be a 7 or 8 miler. But, the run felt so great that I just decided to keep on trucking.

I hit the trail/trace at 7:00 a.m. ready to pound out my grueling 8 miles. But today was different. I usually have a bit of a self-defeatist attitude before I go out on the long runs; anticipating the pain, tiredness, soreness, shortness of breath, frustration, etc. I tend to have a "just get it over with attitude". Not today. I decided to just go out and have fun with it. Using that philosophy I didn't constantly look at my pace watch to see how fast or how far I had run. I have several land markers that tell me approximately where I am and at what mile. I got to the four mile marker and still felt really good. I had a good rhythm going and I didn't feel like turning around and heading back. So, 4 miles turned into 5 miles which turned into my 10 mile run. And I'm stoked that I kept a steady sub-11:00 pace. I just love the sense of accomplishment that you get when you finish a long, good run. You feel like you can do anything!

One of the great things about running on the trace is all the wildlife (as I've probably mentioned before). Well today, I saw not one, but TWO cottontail rabbits at two different times, grazing on the grass less than one foot away from me. They didn't even budge until I was practically right on top of them and then each rabbit just sauntered away casually. It was serene and peaceful yet awe inspiring at the same time. To be given such a gift not once, but twice it seemed like all was right with the world at that instance. It's at times like these that I know that God is truly present all around us. We just have to be open to the signs and wonders of the world that he provides.

Today I LOVE: that super high feeling after a GREAT run!


Willie said...

Oh I love it when a run goes just right! I'm jealous. I'm so glad you put everything aside and just ran for the sake of running. That is when you find yourself and your peace. 10 MILES! Wow, way to go. That's what I should have done today but have put off until tomorrow. You'll have no problem at San Antonio. I can't wait to hear about your first marathon. I love first marathon stories, they are the best! Keep truckin'

Sarah said...

YAY! Is that not the best feeling in the world when things work out? I feel like the queen of everything when that running
"high" takes over. I wish it was every run but then I guess we wouldn't appreciate it. Great job, girlfriend!

Hey, I read on my reader that you were down on Friday. Are you ok? Do you need to chat?