Sunday, July 27, 2008

Inner struggle

10 miles - (10:40 pace)

Total mileage this week = 21 miles

I woke up yesterday morning desperately trying to talk myself out of going for my run. My knee's hurting a bit, you'd better lay off. It was raining last night, it might rain on you when you're running. You've waited too long, it's going to be too hot. etc., etc., etc.

But, I'm to the point in my runs and training that if I miss a run, I beat myself up and feel like such a failure. So, again, I overcame the nagging laziness inside my head, put my running gear on and headed out to the trailhead.

Whew, it was a humid day. I usually carry two bottles of water on my belt and keep an extra big bottle of water in the car for when I get back. I burned through my two belt bottles by mile 8 and then downed the bottle in my car when I got back. My shorts, shirt and headband were so drenched with sweat (gross...I know) that I literally had to wring them out a bit before getting into the car. The rest of the day I was playing catch-up with my hydration.

I was struggling with my pace all week this week. For some reason my legs felt really tight for my runs and they just weren't loosening up for me. Plus we've had some ungodly humidity this week that the hurricane pushed up. It's like running through pea soup. So, I started out my run nice and slow, listening to the inner struggle between my brain and my legs. But my heart won wanted to go on.

The first couple of miles were pretty slow. I had the attitude to just take it slow and easy today. I hit mile 2 and something just clicked. Everything aligned and it felt GREAT! I was cruising along at 9:30 to 10:00 pace for the next three miles and it wasn't a struggle. I felt like I was gliding over glass. My gate was smooth, my breathing was controlled, my shoulders were relaxed. I stopped at mile 5 to turn back, re-fuel and goo up. I think I'm stopping too long on my half-way points. It really messes up my rhythm for the journey back.

I managed to keep a really good pace until about mile 8. I ran out of water and my body just said, "OK - we can't keep this up. You need to slow down." I finished out mile 9 slowly and then had to run/walk the last mile. I was a little disappointed that I had to run/walk that last mile, but it got me thinking.... Two to three weeks ago I couldn't finish 8 miles without walking. Several weeks ago four miles felt like murder. Several weeks ago my average pace was 11:00. This week my overall average pace was 10:11. I'm sticking with it, completing my runs and making progress. That's an accomplishment to be proud of.

Today I Love: Looking at all the mileage I'm racking up on my weekly runs!


Sarah said...

That is an awesome and inspiring synopsis at the end of your post! Although the run might not have been the most spectacular in your mind, look how far you've come?! It's amazing!! I'm super proud of you for duking out your inner self and going out on that have something to be really proud of that you did it.

Another great week of training...let's get another one started!

Willie said...

Doesn't it suck when you fight harder with yourself than with others?!? Like this running stuff doesn't have enough outside struggles we have to struggle from within also. GREAT JOB in getting out there! That is sometimes a victory in itself.

I would bet your tightness is from the heat and humidity. For me it's the humidity more than the heat. I know my body always tightens up when it's humid. I guess your body just can't sweat enough to keep cool and your muscles suffer for it. Screw all that though, you are out there doing it and it will pay off in the end. Any run is better than no run at all.

Just remember to not get so caught up in marathon training that you forget the simple joys of running.

BTW, love the new blog look!

Willie said...

Ok 1 more comment....

I noticed your doing the Nike run on August 31st. Are you doing it alone or are you near one of the cities? I just heard about this run and can't find much info on it.

comment #2 (actually 3 but who's counting)

I ran with the club yesterday and a lot of our club is heading for San Antonio for your first marathon! Sounds like it may be a big event. Just wanted to let you know to watch out for the OK crowd, they're a rowdy bunch!!

Andrea N said...

Jen, thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog.

Congratulations on a great run yesterday. I had my long run - or what was supposed to be - on Saturday and the heat just about did me in. I can't imagine running in LA and the humidity!! Kudos to you!!

Here is a link to my race report on my weight loss blog for Heels & Hills. My friend and I only did the 5K, but we might do the 1/2 next year, although I may go to Indiana to run in Indianapolis Mini Marathon. I like to travel - a lot!!

Have a great week - I'll be checking on you!