Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It gets worse before it gets better

This is so weird. OK, so I told you guys about my knee hurting on Monday. I did the usual - rest, ice, compress, elevate (Yeah for R.I.C.E.!). On Monday night it was HURTING. Ugh. It was worse Monday night than it was on Sunday. So, no run. But I tried some new cream called SportsCreme that's supposed to help alleviate pain in sore muscles and joints. I just figured it would be like Icy Hot or something. I slathered that on, took some ibuprofen and propped my knee up when I went to bed. I woke up and NO KNEE PAIN! I don't know if the cream really helped or the inflammation just needed to run it's course. But there were some other factors. A huge front moved in on Sunday and Monday with a lot of rain. That tends to make my joints act up sometimes too. I don't care, I'm just glad it stopped hurting. It's not 100% better, but I'll take 90%.

I went out last night to test out an easy 3 miler. It felt great. I waited until about 7:00 when things finally cooled down to 85 degrees. There was a great breeze and the air just smelled fresh from all the recent rain. I took the first two miles slow and easy. I wasn't watching my pace watch because I just wanted to run for the milage, not the time last night. I hit mile three and things were feeling great. I look down at my watch and I'm trucking at a 9:27 pace without even realizing it! I finished out another mile for 4.2 and it felt really good. I'm glad to be running again. It is so frustrating being sidelined because your body says so.

I'm trying to decide whether to take off tomorrow or Monday for an extra long weekend. Hmmmm....

Today I LOVE: the Women's Health magazine this month. Wow - SO many great articles. I just read it cover to cover.


Sarah said...

Have I told you lately how glad I am that you are back from training?? :)

Gosh, those crazy knee issues! My knees sometimes do that with weather too. It's so achy! I might have to try some of that sportscreme if it worked so well for you. My knees have been irritated too, but I think it's just my shoes. An expensive problem.

Great job on the run! We really need to do a run together sometime. Are you still considering San Antonio?

Sarah said...

I can't believe you had shoe issues with Mizuno too. I loved my first pair but this pair is just killing me. I'm interesting in trying the Saucony brand. You like? Everyone I talk to say it's like running on clouds. We'll see. I'm going by the store today to have them take a gander at my tootsies.

OH MY GOSH, I'm so excited that you're really going to San Antonio and you're doing the FULL!!! ROCK ON!!!! I'm so glad I'll be there to see you finish your first one! Amazing!