Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3 Easy Miles (are they ever really EASY?)

Well, I did my easy 3 mile run last night. It poured yesterday afternoon, essentially cooling everything down - or so I thought. I walked out the door at 6:30 and the temp read 78 degrees with a heat index of 84. Not too bad. Usually after a nice, long rain the weather is perfectly cool and breezy. Whew - not yesterday. It was muggy, stagnant, hot, steamy, and muggy. Ugh.

My legs were a little sore from the long run on Saturday, but not too bad. I kept it slow and easy with a avg pace at 10:12. It took me a little longer to get warmed up last night, I think mainly because of the tightness in my calves. Usually I'm good to go after the first mile. It took a good mile and a half to two miles to start "feeling good" during the run.

The worst thing though was my stupid stomach again! Argh! I ate a pretty big lunch, but that was at 12:00. It should have digested by 6:30. Nope - felt like I had a lead brick in my stomach. Again I'm thinking that it may be partially realated to my acid reflux issues. I started on a round of Prilosec. That should hopefully help. Other than that I'm trying to eat more bland and less quantity. Smaller meals more frequently.

I have a 4 mile run for Wednesday but I might get it done tonight instead.

Today I LOVE: Highlighters...what a cool invention to getting to the important stuff.


Willie said...

No they are never easy! But then again any run is a good run too!

I was intrigued by your stomach problems. I used to have them every run also but eventually they went away and I haven't had trouble for awhile now. I don't know what I did to get rid of them, maybe my body just got used to running, or gave up trying to stop me! Hang in there, there is hope for us yet. Great Blog.

RBR said...

You got into the Nike Women's Half?! Soooo jealous! Nike last year was my first marathon (I was injured and had to walk/run so I don't really count it as my first full, but I did do 26.2 miles that day). It is an AWESOME experience. You will love it!

Stomach issues. I struggle with this and had to play around with what I eat and when I eat it relative to a run especially the long runs. I have to eat a minimum of 2 hours before I run in the morning and if I run in the afternoon it seems to have to be much longer after a meal and it has to be a smaller blander meal.

Also some people can not handle gels with caffeine (all the Gu gels have caffeine. Willie told me this. I am a coffee addict and it doesn't affect me) but that may be something to look at. Just some thoughts. Keep up the great training!