Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nice and cool

3 mile run - Monday complete
4 mile run - today...tentative

I got up this morning to go for my run but it was pouring down rain - I think as part of the outer bands from Hurricane Dolly. It's since stopped and it's a cool and breezy 76 outside!! Hopefully this cool weather will hold up until I can get home and go for my run. I LOVE running just after a rain.

I am loving my Saucony shoes. I really think I'm a convert. I like my Brooks shoes pretty well. They're good too, but not as wonderfully squishy and awesome as my Saucony's.

Monday's run was rather warm. I had a dentist appointment at 11:00 so I relaxed around the house before I went out for my run at 9:15. It was already blazing hot by then. I think we tied a record high that day. I was DRENCHED in sweat by the time I completed my measly 3 miles. The heat really does zap your pace. I was talking with my dentist who is a triathlete and we were discussing running in the heat. He says he knows a guy who intentionally runs at 2:00 in the afternoon heat down here to give him a competitive edge when he runs races farther north. That's just craziness! But I do remember running the Chicago Half Marathon last year. It was truly warm for a race that distance, but it really didn't faze me. Actually - I had a PR for that race. It had to be from training in the Louisiana heat and humidity.

Today I LOVE: for great inspiration.

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Willie said...

Well I guess there is some good to a hurricane after all. Glad you are enjoying the cool weather. Me, I love the heat, but you guys have that humidity stuff that I cannot handle. Good thing about Oklahoma, we may be hot but it is almost always a dry heat!

So you ran the Chicago 1/2 last year! You saw the drama first-hand huh? Keep up the good training. You are going to dominate San Antonio!!!