Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Knee problem...WHAT knee problem??

Saturday - 7 miles = complete (painful and slow - but complete)
Sunday - 2.2 mile fast walk with dogs
Monday - 2.2 mile fast walk with dogs
Tuesday - 4 mile run, 39:36 (avg pace 9:54)

I took Saturday's long run slow and easy. Partly because I didn't want to push it too much when my knee had just started feeling better and partly because I waited too darn long and it was hotter than Hades and muggier than an equatorial rainforest outside. But, I got 'er done. I gimped around a bit on Saturday afternoon but for the most part I wasn't bad at all. Sunday and Monday I walked the dogs but kept the pace around 14:30 so that we both got a decent workout and I walked most of the soreness out.

Today was my 3 mile run, but it felt great and I decided to push it for four. My first mile I ran pretty slow - 10:30ish and then the stiffness in my calves and thighs worked out. I was trucking around 9:40 for my last three. Yeah me!

But the best part of it all is I've had NO knee problems since Friday! I little soreness and stiffness, but no constant throbbing pain like before. Ahhh... I do however have a pesky little sore muscle in my left lower buttock! HA! I need to go stretch it out. I keep asking Jeff to massage it for me but he refuses (OK....so I say "Hey Honey, come rub my ass!" giggling - but nonetheless!) :-)

Alright...gotta go take my shower 'cause I smell. I'll chime in tomorrow.

Today I LOVE: The fresh, clean air after an afternoon shower.

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