Monday, November 3, 2008

TWO weeks to go!!!

I am officially in taper time. It's so weird to not be planning for a long run this weekend. I'm used to organizing my weekends around my long run. This weekend was only a 12 miler. I laugh...only a 12 miler. Before - a 12 miler was my peak runs for the half marathons. Now that's one of my taper runs.

I've been trying to keep things slow and easy. The last thing I want to do in injure myself just two weeks before the race. Slow and easy. Let those legs rest. I can see how tapering is rough on the mental game. Self-doubt and panic starts to set in with these shorter, easier runs. Did I train enough? Am I ready? Is one 20 miler enough to prepare me????

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....

Now I'm furiously checking the weather every day to see what we're going to encounter in San Antonio. I am praying for 55 or below. Oh, and NO rain.

Today I LOVE: the excitement that's starting to build!


BeachRunner said...

You ARE ready. Totally. Stay confident, taper well and enjoy every moment of this amazing and exciting experience.

Marlene said...

I went slightly insane during my taper...had all kinds of phantom injuries and self-doubt. But you ARE ready! Enjoy this time.

Willie said...

Girl you got this thing. Don't even sweat it. I'm so excited for you. When will you head down? Are you going to spend any time in San Antonio after the race? The river walk is an awesome place to drink a post-race margarita (or two) I hear!!!

I've found the best way to taper is to not think of it as tapering. Keep scheduling your weekends around your runs and keep your focus on them. They are still training runs, just shorter.

You are awesome and I'm glad I've met you. Keep up the good spirits.

Girl on Top said...

I think you're going to do great!