Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just call me "Semi-Fast Gonzalez"

Monday - 4.36 miles, avg. pace = 9:20
Tuesday - 3.5 mile, avg. pace = 9:04

You can definitely tell that the colder weather agrees with me! I smoked my last two runs. Yesterday's run I averaged 9:04 miles and the first mile was a warm up mile. Miles two and three I averaged 8:49 for both miles!!!! I was shocked, I tell ya. SHOCKED! God, I would love to be able to run like this year round. I would love to be able to run 9:00s or even (*gasp*) sub-9:00s consistently. With the weather in the 50s, my legs just feel great when I'm running. And I'm actually not collapsing with these faster paces after the run. What's most surprising though is that my EIA (exercise induced asthma) isn't acting up in this colder weather. Usually I struggle to run in the winter, cold months because of the dryer, colder air. So far so good. And before all you northerners scoff at my proclaiming 55 as cold - it's COLD for us down here in the swamp...especially for this time of year. (it DID get down to 36 the last two nights) Ha. So, I'm not quite SPEEDY Gonzalez, but I'll be resigned to Semi-Fast Gonzalez for the time being. One day....

It has already been one of those mornings and it's only 7:30. As I was getting ready this morning I managed to spill my shimmery, mineral blush all over myself, my jacket, the counter tops and the floor. So - mess #1 to clean up. I forgot to put deodorant on after I had already put all my clothes on. In haste I just tried to shove the stick under my jacket and put the anti-smelly stuff on. Yup - I got it all over the collar of my jacket. There were two wrecks on the way into work - one being an IDIOT truck driver who tried to make this ultra sharp turn onto this teeny narrow road and ended up jack-knifing his truck under the overpass...of course the same turn that I need to make. And THEN I make my way up to the 10th floor and as soon as I walk into the office, the strobes are going off and the fire alarm warning is blaring. No fires - they were testing the system and tripped something. *sigh* It's going to be a LONG day.

Today I LOVE: That I can use Semi-fast and myself in the same sentence!


Marlene said...

Great runs, speedster! And yes, I am laughing at your definition of "cold" - lol

I hope your day looks up!

BeachRunner said...

Great runs!

Girl on Top said...

Glad to hear that the cold weather is treating you well. I can hardly run in it!

Tater said...

Arriba Arriba!!! You geaux girl! That's awesome! So glad your EIA hasn't kicked in and hope it doesn't!

Your day can only get better after rough start ... I hope! LOL

RBR said...

That is not semi-fast, girl, that is FAST! Nice job!