Tuesday, October 21, 2008

8 MORE miles??

18 miles - avg. pace 11:21

Friday I didn't run my 18 because I had a killer headache all day. Flying from Little Rock to New Orleans I think did me in. I always have migraine issues when I travel from low to high altitudes quickly (or vice versa). So, Friday was a rest and relax and pray-to-the-painkiller-gods-that-this-deep-throbbing-pain-between-my-eyes-would-go-away day. It did.

Saturday I decided to get my 18 miles in slow and easy. Starting out I thought I would just do an easy 8 or 9 and then do my 18 on Sunday. But, the weather was gorgeous - in the low 50s when I started. I even got to break out my favorite running tights! Having rested a few days from travel and headache, my legs felt great. Between the weather and the rest I was cruising along without paying attention to my pace. At the nine mile split my avg. pace was 10:24. (again...fast for me). Bad thing though, I totally forgot to bring any goo for fuel on the way back. Bad idea. I hit mile 14 and I was tired. Whew. Out of energy.

The inner argument I have with myself while running these long distances is funny. In no way logical or coherent at all, but funny. I bargain with myself..."Just to that stop sign and then you can stop."

My body argues back, "BUT I'm TIIIIIIRRRREEEEDDDD. I wanna stop NOOOOOOWWWWW".

"If you run to that stop sign we can get ice cream later."

Body argues back, "Nuh-uh. No way Jose. Not EVEN worth it. I'm pooped."

"If you run to that stop sign I'll let you WALK for half a mile."

Body's response, "Ahh....a walk would feel so good right now. Mmm...OK. We can make it to the stop sign."

I'm having this inner argument with myself - stop or don't stop, walk or don't walk. And then I have to laugh because I'm still holding a 10:30 pace. Ummm..."hello dummy, you don't have to stop, just SLOW DOWN!" So I slowed down to a 12:30 recovery pace for about a half mile and finished out the rest of the run that way. I would run for about a half mile and then at the recovery pace or walk for a half mile. It worked and I finished with a decent pace time. But I was totally spent by the time I got back to the car. No fuel = terrible idea. Plus, I really didn't fuel enough before the long run either. BUT - I finished 18 MILES with an 11:21 pace! I was pretty stoked. Not too shabby. Thinking about the race that would mean that I still had 8 more miles to go??!!!!?!? ACK!! This is going to be ugly.

I was pretty sore on Sunday from the 18 miler on Saturday. My ankles, hamstring and knees were pretty achy. I took the dogs for a long walk Sunday morning to try and loosen my legs up a bit. I decided to opt out of the Race for the Cure Sunday morning. I didn't want to injure myself by pushing it too hard while I was sore. So - no pink medal for me. *sigh* But I'll hopefully be getting a HUGE one on Nov. 16th!!


Girl on Top said...

Great job on the long run and that's a bummer that you forgot the goo.

What brand and flavor do you use? I remember using some last year, but I just ordered some Clif Shot Block so hopefully I will like that.

Willie said...

Isn't it fun to argue with yourself? I sometimes worry that this is the first step towards Schizophrenia but I like it so I try not to worry.

Great job on the unplanned-18-miler! What a great way to run it. I had the same problem on my 18 miler this last weekend. I brought nothing! No Gu no water, no Gatorade. God knows what I was thinking.

You're getting so close! I'm excited for you! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Sarah said...

Hee hee...thank you for documenting your inner argument! Too funny. Not even ice cream! Your inner self is a tough cookie!

Can you believe we are almost there? Like 25 days left if my counter is correct. Yay!

Nice job on the run, Jen. It's time to taper!