Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This was too cool not to share.

For anyone who struggles with shoe choices....I found this on a Runner's World forum and thought it was pretty interesting.


Tater said...

Thanks! Am struggling with shoes issues - neutral with inserts vs motion control without yada yada yada! Had just got new shoes at "real" running shoe store then few weeks later went to PT who said shoes were fine but should try inserts due to my flat flipper-like feet so went back to shoe store and bought inserts then while running in running group with store owner she says she doesn't like how those shoes fit me with the inserts in. She was kind enough to say she would refit me with some and just swap them out but prob is I had cut a slit under the tongue of shoe to slide my Nike iPod sensor thingy in *sigh*. What a conundrum!

Willie said...

Ah! running shoe discussion, my favorite topic.

My opinion in a nutshell:
Buy Brooks, wear orthotics if you pronate, stagger your shoes, and no more than 300 mile per pair.

I've never seen that chart but it's really cool. Thanks for sharing.