Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Seriously....THE COOLEST RUN EVER!!! (Part 1)

Guess who has two thumbs and just ran 20.5 miles?? This gal right here!! I'm so excited I'm bouncing off the walls. AND I didn't have to stop and walk! I ran the whole thing!! Now I did stop and take loads of pictures (JUST for you Willie). So, as soon as I get home I'll upload those babies, post and tell you all about the run.

In a nutshell it was freakin' awesome.

To be continued....


Willie said...

You ran 20.5 miles?!?!?!? Was that planned or did you just get a wild hair? Way to go! WOW! You Rock.

Can't wait for the pictures you must have one of every monument in DC with that kind of distance.

Hope you have a safe trip home.

Tiny Frog said...

yeah i dont ever want to hear you question whether or not you should be running san antonio!!

way to go my friend!

Sarah said...

OMG!!!! CONGRATS! That is freaking awesome! And you wonder whether you can do a marathon or not? Crazy girl. :)

Can't wait to hear about it!

Tater said...

Holy cowabunga!

Way to geaux!

I wanna be like Jen!!!

Seriously though, great job!