Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just 7 DAYS AWAY!!!

I can't believe the race is SO CLOSE!! It just seems so surreal right now. Funny thing, I had to fly to San Antonio on Wednesday and Thursday for work. The whole time I was thinking, "I'm going to be running down that street next week."

I've been checking the weather everyday to see what to expect for the race. As of right now it's showing 30% chance of rain. High of 73 and low of 47. Pretty stinkin' good weather for a race!

Still no shoes in the mail yet. If they don't arrive by Thursday, I'll probably just run in my old ones. Stupid, dang shoe companies. I might get lucky and find a pair at the Expo at some of the cheap running gear places.

Only three more runs left before the race. Taper, taper, taper. Rest, rest, rest.

OK, so I'm reading up on nutrition before the race. I'm seeing where they suggest carb loading (70% carbs) two days before the race and then I'm seeing where they say to eat normally, but increase your carbs by just a bit (50% carbs). What do you guys generally do? Any suggestions?

Today I LOVE: that I get to meet Sarah and her hubby in a few, short days!!!!


BeachRunner said...

So exciting. Good luck with the last minute prep and have fun!!

Willie said...

Good luck, not that you need it! Love that taper, it looks good on you! The weather sounds good, any idea of the humidity? I guess you are used to it anyway so it's not a big deal for you. I hate it!!!

Marlene said...

You're almost there!! Enjoy these last few days of rest.

Sorry, no advice on the carbs. I usually just stuff my face. :D