Monday, November 10, 2008

People Guard Your Cupcakes!!!

I have been eating EVERYTHING is sight!!! Seriously!! I can't stop myself. I know it's stress and nerves about the upcoming race. Good thing I'm not really eating junk per se, just a LOT of food. Last night was veggie pizza from our favorite pizza place. It's SUPER yummy. The night before I made a pasta puttanesca and ate a huge helping of that. Oh, AND I made cupcakes this weekend. Ok, so cupcakes are junk, but they're GOOOOODDDDDD junk.

It's going to be a short work week for me too. Tomorrow is a holiday and I have Friday off to fly out to San Antonio. Yeeehaw!!!

Still no shoes yet. I need to call and check on the order. Grrr....

Ok, funny thing this weekend - I totally missed not having a long run. I have come to enjoy the solitude and reflection that comes with a nice, long run. I think that was partly why I felt a bit antsy too. I really, really wanted to go out and run a nice 8 to 10 miles. It took everything in me to keep things short and sweet. So, that leads to the question today:

How much do you guys run on your long run days in the off season (when you're not training for a race)?

Today I LOVE: That tomorrow is a holiday!


Reese said...

I don't really have an off season, but when it gets really cold, a 15 to 20 mile week is good. I've read to maintain fitness, three or four 3 to 4 mile runs is sufficient.
Thanks for your comment. If you were to read his blog, you'd see that he didn't really train well, which makes his accomplishment all the more impresive. But typical would be double marathon training with long runs up to but not exceeding 50 miles, or a couple of 50 mile races.

Marlene said...

Ohmigosh, I could have written that post myself in the week before my marathon. I was pigging out like crazy. As long as it's (mostly) good stuff, your body will use the fuel... so keep eating. :D

I'm in an 'off season' right now with my next race in March... I like to keep a long run of at least 10 miles (16K) most week, with an occasional rest week of 6 miles or so.

Sarah said...

Yum. Cupcakes. :) I wonder where I can find one of those today.

Can you BELIEVE the race is this week? OMG, I'm so pumped up.

We leave for the great state of TX tomorrow morning bright and early. I can't wait.

Hope you have a super day and an even better day off tomorrow!

Girl on Top said...

I plan to do about 10milers in December when I'll just be running for fun.

BeachRunner said...

Dang, I wish I had the day off tomorrow.

Tater said...

You must have read my post about my uncontrolled eating :o( Please. please. please keep all you sweets away from me *sigh*.

Willie said...

Hey we're runners! No food is off limits right? That's why we run! Moderation is the key. One day I'll learn what it means and not just how to say and spell it!

I'm with Reese, I don't really have an off season and, truth be told, I don't taper. I LOVE my long runs too much. I'm very happy if the only run I do during a week is the long run. Like you, they are my time for solitude and reflection. It also makes me feel clean (yea I know that's weird). As for distance, I go for anything over 10 miles if I'm not on a specific plan.

GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! You have come so far and please please please enjoy the race.