Sunday, March 8, 2009

What the hell...might as well.

Saturday = 16 miles, avg pace = 10:19

Total mileage for the week = 30.5 miles

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday!! I got up early and headed down to the trace to get a nice, long run in. Originally I had planned to do a nice, easy 10 or 12 miles leaving just 4 - 6 for Sunday to wrap up my 30 for the week. I started out the run and it just clicked. The weather was gorgeous, slight wind - just a perfect spring day. I was holding a great pace and it wasn't tiring me out. I got to the 5 mile turnaround and said "ehhh...I'm not ready to turn around yet." 6 mile turnaround - nope. I decided to push to the Abita trail head which has a nice water stop and park. I turned around and looked down at Minnie and was shocked to see my average pace for the first 9 miles was 10:04! Wow. And I still wasn't fatigued yet! It felt great! I started slowing down finally around mile 13 but still managed to hold a 10:19 pace overall.

This run was such a testament of how far a person can come from running just in one year.

- This time last year I was struggling to hold a 10:19 pace for 4 miles. Now I'm holding that for 16 miles!
- This time last year I was scared to death of running anything over 10 miles. Now I'm running 16 just for the heck of it - because it felt good.
- This time last year I struggled with "I can't" and now I say "Sure, why not? I can!"
- This time last year I was such an inconsistent runner. Now I love lacing the shoes up five times a week.
- This time last year my goal was 15-20 miles per week. Now I'm getting 30 mpw without too much struggle.

I'm paying today for the 16 miles. I'm sore, but really not as bad as in previous days. I can still manage a slow run. I think I'll take the pups for a nice stroll today and try and work out some of that lactic build-up. Maybe a slow run tonight?

Today I LOVE: How "I can'ts" turn into "I can".


RBR said...

Great post! Your running has come so far and I love the confidence I can hear in your writing! Great job!

Reese said...

Nice improvement. Keep training, you'll keep improving.

Calyx Meredith said...

Thanks for your comment. I LOVE meeting new folks and am glad to have the chance to find your blog. Great (and encouraging) post about progress. I hope to see some advances this year myself.

RYC - the snow and cold KILL me. Last week's weather was weird for NC. I stayed inside (bundled up) the whole time. I pretty much think winter weather should be confined to Christmas day! Luckily it's in the upper 70's this weekend. Woo hoo! BTW, my partner John's family is all in Abbeville, LA - I love it down there. So green.

Nice to "meet" you!

Southbay Girl said...

Woo hoo! What an awesome run. I love it when it just clicks! Mind you that hasn't happened to me in a very long time so I'll have to live vicariously thru you!!

Tiny Frog said...

when i can post a 10:19 average for 16 miles, then you can be impressed :P WOWZA GIRLIE THAT IS AWESOME!!!!

Thankfully I wont be running anything over 10 miles till marathon training starts back up again in um..yeah HOT ASS AUGUST!!!

Marlene said...

You have made some tremendous progress. DOesn't that just motivate you to keep on going? Congratulations on the awesome run.

Sarah said...

I can't believe you're the same girl in Texas I had the pleasure of hanging out with and running with (for a tiny bit of time before I died). You have improved SO MUCH that I can't wait to see your next racing times! You have to admit fully now that another marathon must be in the cards...

Great job, girlfriend! Enjoy the soreness for a super run!