Tuesday, March 3, 2009

9 miles so far.

Sunday, 3 miles - avg pace 9:36
Monday, 6 miles - avg pace 9:28

Ahh - it finally warmed up to about 53 degrees yesterday afternoon. Bearable for a nice little outside run for me. It took about a half mile for my body to warm up and then it felt great. I hit four and felt like it was one. Five miles - legs felt great, slowing a little, but not really breathing all that hard. I pushed through to six and ended with a good pace - 9:28 overall. I held that for six miles! Wow!

Sunday was an easy three to get my legs back running without killing myself. I need to do an easy three today to recover from yesterday. Tomorrow will have to be a rest day since I'm traveling all day in Arkansas and won't get home until late.

Today I LOVE: cherry tomatoes! Man, I'm eating these things like candy - and I used to HATE tomatoes. Funny how your taste buds change as you get older.


Marlene said...

There are so many things I love now that I *hated* as a kid...Peppers, mushrooms, onions. I love me some cherry tomatoes too!

Awesome job on the speedy 6-miler. Don't you love a feel-good run?

Willie said...

Nice mileage.

Still hate tomatoes. Never got over that.

Arkansas huh? If you hear the banjos - RUN, run like the wind!

Travel safe.