Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last week wrap-up

Tuesday - 3 miles (too sore to even walk on Sun and Mon)
Wednesday - 6 miles (slow...)
Friday - 6 miles
Saturday - Rained out
Sunday - 12 miles to make up for Saturday (WITH negative splits I might add!! 1st 6 = 10:46 pace and 10:00 the 2nd six)

Total mileage = 27 miles. Off by 3. Drat. Will try and make it up this week.

Although last week's 16 miler felt awesome at the time, my legs tended to disagree with me all last week. Seriously - it took about five days for my legs to recover. Ouch. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday's runs were very slow and a bit painful. By Saturday I was pretty well good to go for my long run, but it was raining heavily all day and I refuse, (REFUSE, I say!) to run that kind of distance on a dreadmill. So, I just pushed the long run back to Sunday which was probably a good idea since it let my legs rest an additional day.

Sunday's 12 miler was good. I kept things slow and easy for the first six to try and let my legs ease into the run. They were still pretty tight from last week. It seriously took until about mile 3 before I felt decent. The last six came a lot easier than I anticipated. I upped the pace a bit and kept a steady 10:00 min/mile. Nice thing, I'm not so sore this week. My legs feel really good today - so I learned my lesson and didn't overdo it this time.

I was 3 miles off last week of my 30 goal. I was just so sore that I didn't want to push it. I'm going to try and make it up this week, weather and legs permitting.

We went to the running store this weekend because Jeff needed a new pair of shoes and I wanted to look at sunglasses (my cheap Target ones broke). I found a great pair and a nice cool Brooks running hat. Even though I wear sunscreen on my face everyday and sport sunscreen before I run, I'm a little paranoid about over sun exposure (that's why I'm pasty). So, the hat just adds to my over-geared up dorky runner appeal. :) Oh - and I found this GREAT Brooks shirt. My new fav!

Today I LOVE: that all the azaleas are in bloom! Beautiful!


Marlene said...

You had a great week! Don't sweat the 3 miles. Sometimes you'll do more harm trying to make it up!

Nice job on the negative-split long run. That is always a big challenge for me.

Awesome shirt!

Southbay Girl said...

Very nice running week!!! I'm jealous! I'd love to get 27 miles in a week!!

I'm a pasty white girl as well-so I concur with the sunscreen! I'm a big fan of hats and sunscreen!!

Must go back to work!!


Tiny Frog said...

Brooks was the sponsor of the big Rodeo Run here end of Feb...we all got shirts JUST LIKE THAT...cept they say Run Happy! on them ... and we also have a lot of those Brooks hats that we are giving away when people buy Brooks shoes.

great job on the long runs chick!

Calyx Meredith said...

I'm all about the sunscreen too. Pasty - pasty is good. :D Great running! I dream of being able to post double digit runs more than, say a couple of times a year!

Willie said...

You more than made up for the 3 miles with the quality of your early week run.

Shun the treadmill, shun the treadmill, good for you.

I'd love that the azaleas are in bloom too if I knew what an azalea was. Can you eat it?

Sarah said...

Hey girlie, how did I miss this?

First off- I LOVE THAT SHIRT! Wowza, that is so cool! I must google and find. Although, I have to admit this to you, one of my new favorite shirts to workout in and otherwise is that awesome hot pink Varsity Sports shirt you brought me. SO. COOL. People keep asking me where I got it...

Great job on the runs. Don't sweat the 3 miles, I agree with Willie. You more than made up for it with the quality and quantity of the 16-miler the week before.

Yay for negative splits!