Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh 'mill of competition

"Hello. My name is Jennifer."

(Group responds) "Hi Jennifer!"

"I am a nosy, competative runner when on a treadmill and I need help."

Off the treadmill I could care less what other people are doing or how fast they're going. It's just me and Minnie on the open road. The wind at my back (hopefully) and a spring in my step. Minnie tells me my pace and I slow down or speed up according to how I feel. "Oh, look! Another runner just passed me. Enjoy your run speedy runner!!" I shout at their backside as I eat their dust. And I could truly care less.

On the treadmill at the gym however I am Xena Warrior Runner Princess! Hear my primal roar!!! I am drawn to glance at other people's paces to determine how fast they are going. And then I have to increase my speed to beat theirs. " way that little gym rat, soccer mom with her cute little Nike hat on is going to out pace me!" ...annddd I speed up. ...annnnnddd I run longer. Where is this animal coming from? I'm truly not a competative person by nature.

I think part of it has to deal with what Willie posted about a few weeks ago - runner snobbery. "I don't need to come to the gym. I'M a runner. And I'm not going to be outdone by theses GYM people." Pfffff... But, the good thing in all this is that I am pushing myself to speeds I never thoiught possible. Like today I ran three miles at 8:50. Crazy fast for me! But the sociology of it all is interesting to me. The mind games we play with ourselves.

Great week so far. I've logged 24 miles all while on travel. Give it up for me and my gym willpower! I even made myself go twice in one day a couple of times while I was at the hotel. I'm going to need all that stress relief this weekend as I have to deal with the in-laws until Monday. :S

Today I LOVE: my capris running tights. I always "feel" like a runner when I wear them.


BeachRunner said...

LOL. Awareness of your "problem" is the first step to overcoming it.

Marlene said...

I think we all have that person deep down inside of us... I do.

Great job keeping up the mileage and good luck with the in-laws!

Sarah said...

HOW DO YOU DO THAT????? Seriously, how did you get so freaking fast?! Amazing, my friend, amazing. I need me some of that. And even better, its on the nasty treadmill. I would rather run 500 laps around the tiny indoor track than beat it out on the "dread"mill. Go you!

Great job on keeping that mileage up!

RBR said...

I totally do that too on the treadmill. Of course I run at the YMCA and most of my treadmill compatriots are over 80 so I can actually 'push the pace'

Have a great weekend!

Willie said...

Oh boy, we're jumping into some deep sociological issues here aren't we?

Running is what YOU do so it's just natural to want to show off a little when you assume you are among non-runners. I think it's that personal pride we take in our running that brings out the animal. We're not bad-egotistical-ultracompetitive people. We're just very proud of our running because we put so much of our heart and soul (time, money, marriages, etc...) into it.

Look at it this way, you worked yourself hard (nice job BTW) to beat that person beside you but if they had come up to you afterwards and asked for advice or wanted to run with you sometime, you would have been overjoyed to help them however you could. That's the difference and why you shouldn't worry about your animal side. Your nice-friendly-compasionate side overwhelms it in the end and that makes you a good person.

Well that's it for this week's session people. See you next week same time same place.