Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Time Has Arrived!!!!


I'm wearing my orange and blue today. :)

I had to stay a little late for work last night. By the time I got home it was dark and Jeff's not real keen on me running at night by myself. So, I made myself go to the gym (yeah me!) and not sit on my rump like I really wanted to. I had to face that dreaded treadmill again. Blech. I only ran 3 miles, but I did a speed workout with those three miles. I would crank that puppy up to 8:50 mph and run as long as I could and then recover at 10:00 for a couple of minutes. Repeat. I managed to hold that pace for a mile! I was shocked. So, it was a good workout, albeit short. I should be getting home early enough today for a nice, long run outside. I miss running outside (ha - I've only had to run on the treadmill twice now!)

I mentioned The Biggest Loser yesterday. I truly heart that show. It is just so inspirational what the human body can do! I'm always amazed at how much these people can tolerate and withstand, and they're in terrible shape. There's NO reason I can't push myself like that. What I would give for just one training session with Jillian or Bob!

Jeff and I decided at the beginning of the year to do our own little Biggest Loser thing. We both weighed in Saturday morning for our starting weight and we both have a goal weight to achieve. We have to weigh in each Saturday morning in front of each other and then we write each week's weight and % loss down on a spreadsheet that he developed (he loves spreadsheets - the enginerd is coming out in him). Let me tell you, it is truly keeping me accountable! We're both using The Daily Plate to track our calories and we are both working out consistently. Knowing that I have to weigh in Saturday in front of him has pushed my butt to the gym and really motivated me.

Ok....back to work now.

Today I LOVE: that it's potato soup day!!


Marlene said...

I would LOVE to get my butt kicked by Bob or Jill any day.

Awesome job on the speedy treadmill run. I feel like I'm losing control of my limbs when I crank it up to 8.5.

BeachRunner said...

Sounds like you did the perfect "passably able" speed workout. Let me explain ... :)

Willie said...

7 -7 at halftime, scared yet???

Great job getting out there, You're my hero!