Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Willie you're off the hook.

Monday = 12 miles, avg pace = 10:13

Sorry, sorry, sorry....I've been a blogger slacker lately. Last week was CRAZY. They are re-configuring our office and I had to move cubes and it took a couple of days for them to get my internet connection back up and running, not to mention the time-consumingness of having to go through the huge accumulation of CRAP at my desk. (But I got a half foot more space!! WHOOHOOOO...it's the little things in life.) Seriously, do I really need to hold on to that presentation that so-and-so did three years ago? Do I REALLY need to hold on to the Life Safety standards FROM 1996???? Do I REALLY need the Emergency Response Guidebook from 1992?????? So, needless to say, I was a purging fool last week. And I decided to take the time to take my cube from chaos to organized chaos. I was on a mission.

AND speaking of mission, I've been a running fool lately!!! I logged 25 miles last week and 23 the week before. I think I'm going to sign up for the V3 challenge - 30 miles a week for six weeks. I wanted to ease my body into it by slowly ramping up the mileage. So far so good - no knee pain and little to no soreness. AND I'm still in shock over how much faster I've gotten. I'm still not fast by any means, but I can hold a 9:40 pace for six miles. That has now become my standard pace. I ran an out and back 12 miles yesterday. The cold front was moving in, so the wind was brutal and fighting it slowed me down a bit. But, I still came out at 10:13 for 12 miles!! That's the best I've ever done for that distance - races included!

Willie and Tater - I'm not going to make Mardi Gras this year. I'm bummed, but we're going to be in Atlanta visiting the in-laws. It just worked where that was the best weekend to go in. We'll be able to spend time with the whole family and it's my MIL's birthday. So, we're going to celebrate that and have a Superbowl party. I'm still bummed I won't get to meet you guys. We'll all have to coordinate a race this year. Willie - when's OKC this year? I have several friends running in that one.

On another note....I'm getting REALLY, REALLY tempted to run the Chicago full. I know SOOOO many people that are running it and it would be an awesome race to enter. I think registration opens Feb. 2nd. Do I want to put my body through that torture again? Bad thing about that race is that it comes relatively early in the fall - which means that I'll be training my long runs in the August south Louisiana heat and humidity. UGGGGHHHHHHH......

Today I LOVE: NOT being sore after a long run!!!


Marlene said...

Congrats on keeping your mileage up and your speedy 12-miler!

Oooh, Chicago! I say go for it. It's one of my dream races. :)

Willie said...

Wow nice mileage!

I feel better now. Sorry you can't make the race though.

OKC is April 26th. OMG, OMG, OMG that would be awesome! It's a wonderful race. There are angels at the Oklahoma border too, just ask Southbay Girl!! That would be awesome!

I'd wear a Florida Gators full-body-suit if you ran OKC!

Sarah said...

Good grief...blogger must be fritzing...I've been trying to comment for days (well, since you posted.)

Girl, look at that mileage! And your pace! A-mazing!

Chicago, huh? I'm tempted to do that one myself! Still pondering. But, as to if you'll put your body through it again, hello- it is Chicago! And, from what I hear, they don't lie. It really is flat!