Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sending a shout out to my boy and girl for the Mardi Gras race this weekend! Sorry I won't be there to run with you guys, but I'll be thinking about you on Sunday! Go kick some running butt!!

I'm in Atlanta all week at a training and then to the in-laws at the end of the week. I am starting to change my complete hatred of the dreadmill to a relationship of tolerance. :). Actually, I've come to enjoy it for recovery runs. On those days where I'm a bit sore the treadmill is a great tool to log a few miles. The impact is much less on the joints. It's also great for speed work and confidence building. I've been able to run several runs at a sub-nine pace on the treadmill - something I thought was impossible. The downsides are still boredom, boredom, and yes, boredom. Runner's World this month had a great treadmill tip: press a button on the treadmill every few minutes. Alter speed or height frequently to keep from getting bored.

I'm still doing really well with the mileage. Here's my question though: I really have to take breaks from running to give my joints and shins a rest. On those break days I'm trying to get time in on the elliptical. Does mileage on the elliptical count toward total mileage??


Tater said...

Thanks! Will use yor good wishes towards other race I am doing. Hub wanted to do MG relay but one person dropped out so instead we are staying in town and doing the Dirty Diva / Dirty Dude race. Its a 3 mile-ish race with obstacles. Should be a fun break from normal races. So we gonna go do that and relax and have fun and cut up.

Have a bunch of friends doing Mardi Gras though so will be thinking of them!

We are going to do the Mardi Gras Mambo 10 k in BR on Feb 14th though. Are you doing that one? Have fun out of town!!!

Willie said...

Um, Huh, well you see, Um, I dropped out of Mardi Gras awhile ago?!???

Sorry I thought you knew that. I hurt my knee and haven't had a good run for 3 weeks now. I've lost Mardi Gras and will probably have to drop out of Olathe also. Shooting to be back by OKC in April.

Enjoy Atlanta and the treadmill.

BeachRunner said...

Nice job finding tolerance in your heart for the 'mill. Elliptical is definitely cross training.

With shin and knee pain that might be a sign to slow the pace down a notch on some of your runs. Are you resting enough in between long/hard runs? Also make sure your running shoes are new and the right type for you.

Marlene said...

The only way I get through treadmill runs is to constantly adjust the settings.

Have a good week!