Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Toot, Toot!!!

Yup, that's me tooting my own horn. I ran 30 miles last week. Whoohoooo!!! ALL on the treadmill too...ack. It was freezing cold in Atlanta all week and I didn't pack appropriate running clothes for outside. Plus, Jeff's parent's subdivision is teeny-tiny so I would have to do 10 laps just to get five miles in. I'll take the treadmill over that any day.

We drove back early, early on Monday morning. I was going to try and make it to the gym Monday night, but I was tired and I totally just bummed out. AND I didn't do a darn thing yesterday either. I think I had to take a couple of days to mentally decompress. Dealing with the in-laws always stresses me out. And you could tell that by the way I was constantly shoving food in my mouth. If it wasn't tied down I was trying to eat it. Thank God I was at least working out or I would have seriously packed on the lbs.

We watched The Biggest Loser last night and that totally got me back in gear. That show just makes me want to sprint to the gym. I love watching their workouts, their weightloss, their inner struggles and battles with self confidence. I too battle with ALL those things and it's nice to know that you're not the only one.

So, tonight I'm going to head to the gym before I sit down and get lazy. On the agenda - 6 miles. Jeff put me through a KILLER arm workout on Saturday and my arms are STILL sore now four days later!! Holy CRAP it was brutal. But I'm craving more. We did chest and tris. Now I want to do a killer bicep workout too. No more wobbly turkey waddle arms for me!!!!

Today I LOVE: Being back home with MY pillows, MY fuzzy blankets, MY favorite fuzzy slippers and control of the remote!!!


Marlene said...

I'm glad you survived your visit with the inlaws and congrats on keeping up the mileage! Isn't it just the best sleeping in your own bed again?

Southbay Girl said...

I love being home too!! Not that I don't love travelling...but there is something about being in your own home and in your own bed!

Glad you had a great running week!!! Who cares if it was on the treadmill!!! Rock on woman!

BeachRunner said...

Wow! That was a kick ASS week!! Way to use that mill wisely.

Sarah said...

LOL! I can't believe you're talking about your arms too! You most definitely to not have wobbly arms. Silly girl. What did Jeff put you through?

I read in your Xanga the in-laws visit went well. Not perfect, but well. That's always a good thing. You survived!!

I love TBL too. I haven't watched this week yet. Don't tell me what happens!