Monday, September 15, 2008


It has been a crazy week after the storm. I've had about eight building inspections to do along with cranking out the report for each said building inspection. I'm tired of looking at moldy buildings.

I ran on Friday and Saturday in the Ike 20 mph winds. Holy Cow that was tough! It really slowed me down and my quads were burning from all the resistance. It made the run quite interesting though. Running through our neighbor's subdivision I saw one little, skinnly, lone pine tree in someone's front yard. Now, I know that pine trees are bendy and can withstand high winds, but this little thing was almost bent over at a 90 degree angle...RIGHT into the street where I was running. Talk about running FAST when I went near it.

As promised, here are some pics and video from Gustav that I've been meaning to post. Here it is pouring down rain on Monday morning. This was about two seconds before we lost power at 9:30 a.m. It's dark and dreary and rainy and windy and Sarah, the wonder-mutt, guardian-of-all-things-food-related was busy at her post. ("guarding" if you will, the two sacks of dog food we had just purchased.) Yup...I know how to train 'em.

I was very thankful for a few Items:

Our fabulous generator that kept our refrigerator, freezer and a couple of window units going.

Ahh.....sweet nectar of the gods and remover from the reality of how stinkin' hot and humid it is in the house.

Here is a video of the winds and rain....we had this for about two days straight.

Here is another video of the cloud movement. You can see the bands moving across the sky quickly. AND you can hear all the generators running in the background.


Tater said...

Those videos look WAYYYYY too familiar! I need to download all my pics and videos too. Feel for those poor souls in the path of Ike! I forgot how bad the winds were Friday and Sat. Had to cancel bike ride cause of it but ran in it Sat too. Almost lost hat several times. Figured better not go too slow or I would be going backwards lol.

Willie said...

VERY COOL! Thanks for the videos too. Sorry you lost power but that would have been cool to see live! And Coppola wine to boot!! One of my favs.

Your dog seemed to have the right idea about the storm. Don't stress, mom and dad will feed me, I'll just stay here by the food so they don't forget!

We got the remnants of the storm yesterday and it blew the heat and humidity away! Yea for us, it's in the 60-70s all week and sunny. Very good running weather.

So glad to have you back. San Antonio is only a few weeks away! Ok so it's more like a month but what's a month but a couple weeks anyway? Anyhoo, I'm excited for your first marathon experience. Can't wait to hear about it.

Girl on Top said...

Wow, great job on running in the crazy weather. Sometimes the harshness does make runs better!