Friday, September 26, 2008

Hurricanes Blow


Since Monday I have now put in 71 hours at work. has been crazy hectic here. We're going from 6:30 in the morning until 9:30 at night. Nonstop. Barely any time to eat. Plagued by computer and Internet problems. Land line phones barely work. Cellphones have been shockingly reliable! But, I'm truly exhausted. At least I get to go home tomorrow! YEAH!! AND then I get to come right back, but this time only for a couple of days and then I'll have some relief.
Galveston is a complete mess. Debris everywhere. Boats everywhere. Jet skies everywhere. Restaurants demolished. No power hardly anywhere. They took a real hit. All the little black specs you see on top of the roof are actually birds roosting because everything else in the area has been blown away!

What I find interesting about this picture is that there is still one complete wall left in the building. Everything else was washed out, but this one wall somehow managed to stay. Crazy!
But the seawall actually did a decent job in saving a lot of the buildings along Seawall Blvd. Because if you go on either side of the seawall there is absolutely nothing left of these areas. Just slabs and debris. There are several restaurants just across the road at the seawall that are running on generator power and fully operational. Ya gotta have your priorities after hurricane season - Beer and Strip Bars....that's what's open. Ha!

This is the Flagship Hotel. Apparently it gets hits every time they have even a slight hurricane here and they just keep on rebuilding it right back.

And this is the ramp to get up to the Flagship Hotel. ummmm....don't think anyone's getting there anytime soon!
And this is what I've been looking at all week long! Mold, mold, mold, mold, mold. FUN STUFF!!!'s been a lot better than I had anticipated. The mold growth hasn't been too bad - mainly just a lot of wind and water damage without the rampant mold growth on top of it.
So - needless to say I haven't really had much time to run these last several days. I think I'm going to flip my 18 miler to next weekend and just do 14 this weekend. I'm just so exhausted that I don't think 18 would be good for me right now. Next week is going to be a little less hectic so I can actually prepare adequately for the run. My training has really just fallen to crap here lately. **sigh** Hopefully I'll still be able to at least hobble across the finish line in November. My goal is NOT to die three quarters of the way through the race.
OK - going back to the hotel now to pack up and head home tomorrow! YIPPEEE!!!


Willie said...

Wow you are right there in the heart of the destruction. You must either love your job or despise it often. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Glad you are coming home and I hope can get back to training. After all that I bet you need some re-balancing. Running's perfect for that!

Sarah said...

Those photos are stunning and shocking all in one whack. Wow. I cannot imagine that distruction being my home. Mucho prayers needed there. And then there is Jen, wonder woman, saving the day. You are a great intelligent gal, my friend. I'm glad you're coming home, though. Do you miss your babies?

It seems a little silly to ask about the running after those photos, but I hope you're doing ok.

Hey, let me know what you thought of Grey's. I'm curious. :)

Hugs to you!

Tater said...

Unbelievable damage. I can't imagine if it had hit us in Louisiana. I feel for those poor people.

Mold *ick*. Maybe you could swab some for my micro class? lol JK

Stay safe and take care!!!