Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crazy Busy

I've been so bad! Someone smack me. I missed two runs this week. **sigh** I had to fly out to D.C. all week, came back on Friday and had to work late because the contractor for one of my projects was late and then volunteered to go to Houston next week to help with the hurricane recovery inspections. I DID manage to get my FIRST 16 miler in last weekend though (more on that later). AND I walked my *ss off all over D.C. all week and I got one run in and I walked the dogs. SO, I wasn't a total slob...just a non-running total slob. Today - a 14 miler. Luckily the weather is cooperating.

My first 16 miler

Again, I start off this morning's run with a lot of apprehension and nerves. I mean 16 MILES!! I've never done more than 14 at one time. And the last couple of long runs haven't gone so well. Heat, humidity, thirst, hamstrings...etc...all added to the not-so-wonderful experience.

It was mildly raining - just a slow, cool mist. Not enough to keep me from going but enough to really cool things down. The first three miles were excruciating. I guess because it was cooler and it took me that much longer to warm up? Don't really know. But I do know that I REALLY, REALLY wanted to walk at three miles! But...I didn't. I forced myself to keep going. Then after about three and half miles it just started to feel good. The misty rain, the quiet trail, the grey skies. It was so peaceful and serene. I even turned off my ipod and just rain in the quiet. It was so zen. I was just cruising along and made it to my 8 mile turn around with a 10:46 pace time. Not bad for me! I was really trying to keep it slow too. I didn't have to walk until mile 14 and then I ran walked the rest of the way back. I was a bit sore and hobbly that night, but surprisingly I was fine the next day!!!!

Today = 14 miles. An easy week this week and then my first 18 miler next weekend! Ack!!!

I'll be in Houston all week next week, so hopefully I can squeeze some runs in at Memorial Park between looking at moldy buildings.


Emma said...

WOW...14 miles, 16 miles, heck might as well be 500 to me....
How long have you been running?
I am doing my 3rd 5K this weekend in Amarillo....I don't see a marathon too soon in my

Be careful in Houston...I have friends there and they are still waiting for electricity...

Tiny Frog said...

most of the city is fine, and not sure what day you are getting here, but by tuesday it will even be better.

shoot me an email and MAYBE this time we can meet at memorial for CERTAIN!! btw, memorial park is all pretty again...

my saturday next week is 20 miles...i will surely die. :o)

Willie said...

Ok I know we just met (sort of) but WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! My goodness girl, what are we supposed to read when you go away for so long. LOL

What a great run you had! 16 miles in the mist AND you turned your Ipod off. Brings a tear to my eye, I love runs like that. Great job and I hope your life settles down some. Have fun in Houston.

BTW did you get to run around the mall in D.C. That's one of my favorite runs...

Sarah said...

Jen, I've. Missed. You.

There, now that I've gotten that out of the way...YAY FOR YOU!! Your first 16 miles is huge! I know I always say it, but you truly pushed through all the crap and did the run like a champ. I think that is the hardest part of running- the mental. I mean, 9 times out of 10 our body is just fine to keep going but our minds just suck. :) Not yours, because you did it!!!! And you're going to do it again for 18 miles!

Hope your being safe in Houston. Be very, very careful. Please.

Have a great day, my dear friend!