Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I am posting from my blackberry since we have no power. We did fine. We got some strong gusts and a lot of rain, but that's pretty much it. No damage to the house or flooding to speak of.

We lost power and phone lines yesterday at 9 am. The power is still off today with no word when it might come back. 95% of our parish (county) lost power. So it may be awhile. We do have a generator (or is it a "Jen"erator!?!) so we can run a few essentials like the fridge.

On the bright side it feels like a cool, crisp autumn day here. It's quite pleasant outside. Hope that lasts.

And I got some cool pics and video of the storm Willie!


Andrea N said...

Jen, glad to hear you're doing okay. Hope the power comes back on soon!

Willie said...

Cool! I think we are seeing the beginnings of the storm here in OK. When I left work today the sky was full of really cool cumulus clouds and wall clouds. They were all moving really fast too. Very cool.

I'm really glad you guys made it through OK. Time to get back to running!

Willie said...

Stupid storm is keeping me from my pictures! Here's hoping you get power back soon. I'm sure blogging will be you highest priority task once it does of course!!