Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time to get back on that horse...

ALLRIGHT...enough of this laying around "recovering from a marathon" (I think I've used that excuse to death) and "recovering from being sick" (Again - a frequent excuse). I have RE-joined the gym. Ha. That makes me laugh because I'm reminded of that Friends episode where Ross and Chandler want to "quit the gym". If you know what I'm talking about it makes you giggle.

Our membership had run-out and we were just going to let it lapse because we weren't using it much. Jeff gets to work out at work in their nice, big gym. And, with me training for the race, I didn't make much time to do anything else besides run. I got a call from one of the gym people wanting to know if we wanted to re-new. I (like Ross) went in FIRM saying "no" (I WANNA QUIT THE GYM!!!). We didn't get our money's worth last year. But, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I got two years for the price of one, plus 10% off since I paid in full! So, it essentially boils down to about $24 a month. That's for both of us AND it's a 24 hour gym! Not too shabby.

Now that I'm not really training for anything (just maintaining at the moment - oh wait. Crap - Mardi Gras Half is coming up...) I need to get my butt, abs, thighs, biceps, triceps, lats, calves, etc. to the gym and start cross training and building some muscle.

So, enough laying around, excuse riddled. Must. Use. Gym.

I did run a nice 6 on Saturday. It's the longest I've run since the race and it felt GREAT!

Today I LOVE: The PINK lotion line at Bath & Body Works. YUMMMM!!!


Reese said...

When you don't have anything to train for, there's always health.

BeachRunner said...

Great deal on the gym renewal.

Sarah said...

Great job, Jen on getting back in that gym! Not only that, but what deal!

Let's get pumping some serious iron....go!

Willie said...

I'm (probably) going to run Mardi Gras next year! What's this "half" crap??? You're running the full and you know it!

What's marathon recovery? Never heard of it.

Marlene said...

Congratulations on re-joining the gym!

Once I had exhausted the 'recovering from a marathon' excuse, I decided to pick up the cross-training again as well.

Remember, it will make you a better runner!