Monday, December 22, 2008

Laugh out loud!

I was perusing through the runner's world website this weekend and came upon this discussion. What's your most embarrassing moment while running?

I was busting out laughing my rear off at some of the people's postings. OMG - just hilarious. Knock on wood, I really haven't had to deal with toenail issues, bowel issues or see-through shorts issues. My running career (thus far) has been fairly embarrass free. Other than the occasional stumble on the treadmill I was hard pressed to think of something. Inhaling (literally) the peanuts and M&Ms during the marathon came to mind. I started chocking and coughing up a lung until I managed to dislodge the peanut from my throat. Spilling more water on myself than drinking at the water stations...but I think a lot of us newbies do that. Trailing toilet paper on my shoe out of a porta potty.... But nothing compared to what some of these people posted.

So, if anyone wants to share a good embarrassing moment, I could use a laugh today.

Got a nice, slow 8 mile run in this weekend. It felt good to stretch my legs out and get a decent long run in again. Luckily I was able to do it before the temperatures fell to freezing. Luckily this is Louisiana and we'll be back in the 60's by tomorrow.

Today I LOVE: that Christmas is only three days away!!!!


Willie said...

I was reading those yesterday, OMG they are so funny. I haven't had too many embarrassing moments to speak of but give it time.

3 days!!! Yea, what'cha get me????

Willie said...

Oh really??


I think maybe a little wager is in order here. Maybe something that could be settled up at Mardi Gras? If Florida happens to cheat and somehow win, I'll wear something Floridian. If the world stays in order and things happen as was intended from the beginning, I could bring some wonderful OU outfit for you to wear.

Do you feel lucky punk? Well do you???

Willie said...

Oh this will be good!

You get to win either way though, Crimson and Cream looks great on anyone!

Marlene said...

Can't say I have had many embarassing moments myself... I guess that is a good thing! Going to check out that link now. Thanks for sharing!

Also, glad to hear about the nice 8-miler!

Southbay Girl said...

Merry christmas! i hope you have a wonderful holiday!!


Willie said...

Are you in hiding already? I know you will want to hide after OU defeats the lizards but it's a little early for you to go missing....

Just kidding, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a Happy New Year.