Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I'm on travel tonight. At an Embassy Suites. Must go work out. Must not go down to Manager's Reception and partake in free quesadillas, free chips and salsa, free beer, free wine, free martinis, free cookies....MUST. NOT. DO. IT. Wouldn't be prudent.

I get to go home tomorrow. Just a quick trip. Thank goodness.


Willie said...

Are you nuts? Go get the free stuff! Embassy Suites rock!

I hereby give you a free pass and promise that nothing you eat or drink tonight will count against you.

I'm running Mardi Gras in 2009. A friend and I are planning a road trip. Shirt sounds great! I'm a little worried about the humidity though. Oh well, they have beer down there right?

BeachRunner said...

ROFL. Have fun and a safe return home.

Sarah said...

I say, eat the free food! You can still workout. Live! Glad its a short trip.

RYC: Uh, no. Definitely no. Not preggers. That, my friend, is not even funny. :) Be thinking of me tomorrow at 9am. I have a job interview. Yikes! This would be really great for me.

Southbay Girl said...

Free wine, beer, martinis and food...I would so have been there....

Hope you got some exercising in before you went for the free wine, beer and food!!!!

have a great rest of the week and weekend!!