Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You know you're a runner when...

After tweeting with @Dubyawife this morning it really got me going and thinking of all the great little gems we do, see, and learn as runners. I will list several of my own and several more compiled from twitter runners. Hilarious stuff and I'm guilty of most. Please comment on my blog or tweet me with your own and I'll add them!

You know you're a runner when:
  • you know how long it takes for a black toenail to grow out.
  • you know how long it takes for a black toenail to fall off.
  • you have painted the skin where you toenail should be.
  • you are an expert in anti-friction creams...and not for dirty reasons.
  • you think compression clothing is sexy.
  • IT stands for Illotibial Band, not Information Technology
  • you can hold your own with any medical talk regarding piriformis, illotibial, popliteal, meniscus, plantar fascia or medial tibial stress.
  • you have a specific "race fee" fund set aside in your budget every year.
  • you logged more weekly running miles on your shoes than you did on your vehicle.
  • you can easily convert kilometers to miles in your head.
  • breakfast is followed by 2nd breakfast and lunch is followed by 2nd lunch.
  • you actively analyze the color of your pee.
  • you refer to a new race distance as your "first" race at that distance (as in..I'm running my "first" marathon this year).
  • your outside training motto is similar to the US Post Office "neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow...

  • your nips are like fine grade sandpaper. I use them for finishing work. ~@jeffswain
  • your kids' bedtime story is just about "bunions" and a blue ox, no "Paul" ~@razmataz6969
  • you mistakenly put on Body Glide instead of your deoderant. ~@Jen423
  • you look down your nose at the folk out running in cotton t-shirts. ~ @Lochrie
  • you see runners when you are driving and feel compelled to shout to them that you are also a runner. ~@eobeara
  • the first item on your hurricane evacuation list is a long run. :) ~@Gemini_Runner
  • you find bodyglide in your purse and don't question it. ~@rshill37
  • you quietly judge people taking leisurely bike rides as they pass you while you are running. ~Nicole
  • snot rockets are totally acceptable during a run. ~@acokertx
  • you get excited to see a bruised toenail (true story from last night) ~@DubyaWife
  • you have more running clothes than regular clothes in the laundry pile. ~@DubyaWife
  • you spend more time looking 4 run routes than other stuff when traveling 2 a new place. ~@DubyaWife
  • you hear PR and you think "personal record", not "public relations" ~@DubyaWifeyou
  • your holiday wish list includes nothing but running gear. ~@DubyaWife
  • your runs take longer than your commute to work! ~@DubyaWife
  • you get jealous when you're driving in your car and pass runners. ~@DubyaWife


Nicole said...

You quietly judge people taking leisurely bike rides when they pass you while you are running.

Renee said...

You find bodyglide in your purse and don't question it.

jeff said...

lmao. love this Jen. They are funny because they are so true. I have applied body glide as deodorant before. Now I keep them on separate shelves in my medicine cabinet.

Jen said...

these are great! (new follower)

I definitely have to squelch the desire to shout out to runners as I'm driving by.

ultrarunnergirl said...

This brought many smiles to my lips. It's good to be a runner, isn't it?

Marlene said...


Especially analyzing urine color! I'm just glad I'm not the only one...

That Pink Girl said...

What? Not everyone discusses the color of her pee with her (runner) friends? This is a great list - thanks for posting!