Wednesday, August 3, 2011

...But you're so tiny!!

This will be somewhat of a blog rant. This has been festering in me for a while now so if you do not want to be subjected to the rants of a crazy, hormonal pregnant lady please stop reading now.

I am pregnant. I am over 31 weeks along. No, I am not HUGE. YES, I am healthy!!

One of the first things people say to me when I tell them how far along I am is "But you're so tiny!" I have heard it over and over and over and the point where I am now self conscious about it. I have even gone so far as to ask my OB/GYN on SEVERAL occasions whether everything is on track for me and Baby Z. I am healthy, have gained a healthy amount of weight and Baby Z is exactly in the 50% for his age. Perfect! Right where he should be. In addition, I am one of my doctor's most trouble free patients. I have been blessed with an easy and healthy pregnancy.

The problem is, after the "tiny" comment I often get "the Look". The one where they size me up and down and you can see the thoughts forming in their heads. Yes, I eat. In fact I eat a LOT. Ask my husband or anyone who follows me on Twitter. I'm eating constantly. But I also exercise. I walk, I swim, I hit the elliptical, I run, I play with my dogs. I also watch what I put into my word hole. I try and make healthy choices but by no means restrict what I can have. If I want ice cream, I eat ice cream. In fact I've been craving ginger ale floats like crazy lately. I don't drink sodas. I haven't regularly drank them in years! But, since I'm craving them I listen to my body and give moderation.

My friend Katie's blog post on mommyrexia really got my blood pumping too. She said that the Today show implied that running moms are mommyrexic. That. Is. Ludicrous!! I completely agree with Katie in that most running moms that I've had the privilege to know and associate with are also some of the most healthy people I know. The benefits of exercise throughout pregnancy are huge and documented over and over. An active pregnancy can equal less complications, less stress, less fluid retention, better rest and easier labor and delivery. All of this means happy momma and happy baby. If you are medically cleared to exercise through pregnancy, then by all means, get your booty moving! It does NOT mean that you are mommyrexic.

Being an AMA preggo (*gasp* Advanced Maternal Age) I was worried about how I would be able to physically handle pregnancy. My OB was even worried at first. I was considered high risk early on, but have blown every test out of the water. My doctor now calls me his "easy patient". I truly believe that my exercise habits and active lifestyle are major reasons I've had such a great pregnancy.

So before you judge a pregnant woman by what you perceive her size should be, just remember that ALL pregnancies are different. All women are different. But the one thing we have in common is we really don't want to hear your opinion.

P.S.: HUGE shout out to For Two Fitness for the AMAZING pregnancy running tank. This thing fits like a glove, is SO comfy, doesn't chafe and is cute as a button!! Definitely a must have for active moms-to-be. Check them out here!


JessA said...

I agree with your post! Girl you look stunning! This is preparing for what I may encounter in the upcoming months. I love the tank and I will have to get one when I get further along. I especially loved this:
"So before you judge a pregnant woman by what you perceive her size should be, just remember that ALL pregnancies are different. All women are different. But the one thing we have in common is we really don't want to hear your opinion."
I especially love that last sentence! I have a feeling I might have to use that one on my mother-in-law that shares her opinion about everything but won't give you the time of day for yours. Ooopps! Did I say that outloud? LOL!
Have a great day!

For Two Fitness® said...

Hi Jen, thanks so much for including us in your post - we are thrilled to have happy customers like you spreading the word about our company. And, thanks for calling attention to this "mommyrexia" issue. We agree that this term is detrimental to both the seriousness of actual eating disorders, and to the healthy choices of educated, mindful moms-to-be! Thank you :)
- Ashley @ For Two Fitness

Princess Sparkle Pants said...
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ultrarunnergirl said...

It is always rude to comment on someone's appearance beyond "you look great!"
(exception: true concern from a good friend)
Perhaps there is no good response to these people, however it is fun to imagine you toying with them and asking if they think three rice cakes a day is excessive ...

Renee said...

I can't believe how judgmental people are of pregnant women. After reading both your and Katie's blogs this week I am outraged for you. Physical activity during pregnancy is good for women. I still think mommyrexic is a terrible, terrible term. Keep doing what you are doing. You look great and have a healthy baby.

Willie said...

You're so big!

Does that earn me brownie points?

You are a healthy runner. That means you aren't like 99% of the rest of America. There's no way they will understand you!

Love the shirt!

The Happy Runner said...

It is ridiculous. Be happy that you are healthy and know that you are doing the right thing for your baby. Try to ignore the comments.

I got them ALL THE TIME when I was preggo. I gained plenty, but the midwife I saw for one appt when my doc was out chastised me for not gaining enough. She wanted me to start drinking milk shakes every night. OK...

I had both my kids when I was in the AMA category (my second son was born when I turned 40) and I swear that running and racing throughout my pregnancy helped me to have an easy delivery and quick recovery.

Keep on going!!!

That Pink Girl said...

If you and baby are healthy, that's ALL that matters! Hope you continue to enjoy a happy, healthy pregnancy! (and you look adorable!)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through Another Mother Runner. Love this post! I'm 25 weeks pregnant and still running. I get so many dirty looks from people. So many people tell me I'm crazy.

Pregnant not broken is my new motto until December!

I hope you keep blogging! I can't wait to hear about your post baby running.