Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still struggling

I'm still on the running bench. I have really been taking it easy; laying off the knee and letting it heal. It was starting to feel substantially better this week. I was going to try to put in a few miles this weekend as a test run. I had to do some field work on Tuesday - tromping around an open warehouse and looking at a bunch of old transformers (the electrical kind, not the cool alien-robot-that-changes-into-a-car kind). This required a lot of bending over and squatting to try and find the ID plates. Well - that aggravated the knee again. By the time I got home it was really swollen again. Soooo...back to ice, elevation and rest. Again, it's really not that painful. I can just tell that the knee is weak and swollen though.

So, that means no four on the fourth race for me. I don't think it's a good idea to push it. Depending, maybe a few easy runs next week.

This one has me a little worried. My knee will flare up on occasion, but I can usually baby it for a few days and it's back to running form. This time it's taking a lot longer and I've noticed more swelling than usual. I must have done a good number on it. *sigh* This may require a doctor's visit.

Today I Love: My four day weekend!! Yeeehaw!!


Marlene said...

Sorry that you're still benched. :\ Here's hoping that knee starts to improve with a little more rest.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Yes, it may be that the doc needs to take a look at that knee. I hope it does get better!

Melissa said...

I sure hope your knee heals soon!! I want you to be ready for Tulsa in Nov. HEHE. :)

Happy 4th!