Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm back, I passed and feelin' alllright

Thanks everyone for the AWESOME words of encouragement. They really, really helped! And I PASSED, I PASSED, I PASSED!! I don't know my exact score yet, but I do know I passed. They print it out at the end of the exam whether you passed or failed and thanks to little baby, tiny Jesus, and my brain stuffed with safety regs and measurements I passed. Whew! This test was grueling. Five hours allotted time and it took ALL - FIVE- HOURS. My brain was so fried afterward. I seriously could not even speak. I couldn't think of everyday words like refrigerator and gasoline. No joke. Only one more exam to go to get my safety professional certification. I want to take it ASAP while the knowledge is still fresh. Then I'm on my way to super nerd-dome.

Knee update:

I went to a new orthopedic doctor a week and a half ago. He was great - loved him. I had the initial x-rays done on my knee and he could immediately tell from the x-rays that I have some osteoarthritis going on (which I suspected). I still have the scope pictures from when they scoped my knee back in '93 (they're my little trophy, to say "Hey - see what's been taken out of me! Cartilage here, here, here, and oh") They helped him determine some of what's going on based on past and current trauma. He found some old and new stuff:
  • He suspects an old ACL AND PCL strain. The knee is really wobbly, but I'm also very, very flex jointed. Most of my joints will bend freakishly backwards with no pain.
  • Floating patella - old - knew that.
  • Possibly a new cartilage tear on right side of knee
  • AND my legs are crazy different lengths. Just a rough measurement, but almost 1/2"! No stinkin' wonder I have so many aches from running.
He ordered an MRI so we could find out more about what's going on with Princess Patella. I went for the MRI on Monday (which is a crazy, weird, soul-finding experience...YOU lay perfectly still for 35 minutes in a tomb and tell me you don't do some thinking.) I go back in on Friday so he can tell how really messed up I am.

Oh, funny thing though, my knees are so wonky, weird that he wants to use my films, etc to teach his interns at LSU. FUNNY! I'm famous for being so jacked up! All genetics...thanks Mom and Dad. But he did say he was WAY impressed that I run as much as I do and that I compensate for everything that's going on so well.

In other good news, the darn thing is finally starting to feel better! I ran 5 miles on Sunday and 6 miles on Tuesday with little to no pain. I was stoked! And very little swelling in the knee afterward. I'm a little stiff today, but my whole body is stiff from lack of running. Getting back into it is a little frustrating after all the work I put in before, but I know I'll get there. Just taking it one run at a time.

OK - time to get back to it. Going to check on everyone's blog and respond tonight. Gotta catch up!

Today I LOVE: The promise of a rainy day. It's looking mighty overcast out there!


Shannon said...

So glad you've been able to get in a few runs with little to no pain! Hang in there, girlie! Hoping for the best news possible for ya on Friday when you get the results! Press on! :-)

Shannon (@hendy2)

Gina Harris said...

Congrats on the test! It's great news about your knee (I think lol)

Keep up the good work!

ultrarunnergirl/Kiry said...

Hang in there! Glad your knee is feeling better. You are tough, girl. It's inspiring!

Julia said...

Congrats on passing your exam! I bet you are so relieved!
I hope your MRI comes back with positive news so you can go on more pain free runs!

Marlene said...

AWESOME that you've been able to do some god running. AWESOME that you have a new doc and you're getting some answers!

Congrats on passing the exam! What a relief!!

lindsay said...

CONGRATS on passing the test! a huge relief i'm sure!

sounds like the doc is super helpful - glad you are learning all these things and can hopefully prevent future injuries/aches. hooray for running again!

DuffRunner said...

terrific news on both accounts. Congratulations! A weight has been lifted!

Jo Lynn said...

"Five hours alloted time and I took every minute of it!" Sounds like me when I'm doing an ultra. LOL

Congratulations on passing!!! :)

Mel G said...

JJ, I'm so proud of you! You are truly rockin' that job! One more day until MRI results. I'm getting on MY knees to pray for YOUR knees tonight :)

The Happy Runner said...


Marky Mark said...


Kaolee Hoyle said...

Great job on passing!

NoMeatAthlete said...

Congrats on passing! And glad to hear that you like your new knee doctor, I know how much knee problems suck. Congrats on all your fame for being "jacked up" :)