Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yup - that's me. The SLACKER!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

These last few weeks have been marked by travel, travel and Oh, Did I mention that I have been traveling a lot?? I knew April was going to be crazy for me. March was marked by several trips to Arkansas. April is consisting of trips to Arkansas, San Antonio, Fort Worth and finally Orlando, FL. At least Orlando is for a conference at the Walt Disney World Resort. I consider that more a fun trip than an actual work trip. One of trips to Little Rock I tried to do in one day. That day ended up lasting 16 hours. Ugh. I'm getting WAY too old for that stuff. It took me almost two days to recover.

I had to lay off the knee for a bit after the dog tweaking incident. But it's back to full form now. The weather has been GORGEOUS here lately too. I can't wait to get home and get a nice run in. I think I'm going to take my long run on Friday. I'm going boutique shopping on Magazine St on Saturday with a friend. Yeah! Fun! Can't Wait!

I've missed two of my favorite races this year due to family committments. :( I didn't get to run the Mardi Gras Half Marathon or the Crescent City Classic (10K). I'm bummed and really itching for a race right now!! I've been somewhat maintaining, but I'm ready to start training again. I always do so much better with a goal in mind. I wanted to do either the Country Music or OKC Half, but it's the week/weekend that I have to be in Orlando. So, those are out. I'm now looking at the Dallas Heels and Hills half in May or the Renaissance half in Mississippi in June (yeah - crazy hot, but it sounds like fun). Plus there are a ton of fun 5K races right now locally.

I just discovered the Runner's World training calculator and I LOVE it! If you haven't seen it go to and plug in a recent race time or a desired race time and distance. It then calculates what your training paces should be. For me I plugged in the 2 hour half. I'm pretty darn close with the pace trainings. I need to up my tempo runs a bit. I've been running them right around 9:10 or 9:00 and it says I should be running at 8:50. So, I have that to work on.

Ok - off to work and catch up with everyone!

Today I LOVE: the chocolate bunny that was waiting for me on my desk!


Marlene said...

I was wondering where you had disappeard to. Yeesh, that is a lot of travel.

I'm with you, love having a race on the schedule to train for. Hope you can settle on one of those options and get back in gear!

Willie said...

Hey you're as bad as me!

Sucks you can't make OKC, you would have loved it.

Keep us up to date on your plans.