Saturday, May 31, 2008

Great start to a great week (sarcasm, sarcasm...)

Jeff's brother called him yesterday to say hello and mentioned that his parents had called to see if the condo was available another couple of days. They are staying at the beach before they come here to camp out with us for EIGHT DAYS. So, we were getting all excited thinking they may stay a couple extra days there shortening their visit here and giving us a nice, relaxing weekend.

So, Jeff calls them last night to check up and see what's going on and he mentions, "Are you guys going to stay a couple of extra days there to enjoy the beach?"

His dad's reply was "Why? You don't want us to come?"... **sigh** So, Jeff had to cover and explain that no, we just wanted to get their schedule and that Rick had mentioned they might stay at the beach a little longer.

Have I told you guys that his parents is OVERLY sensitive and a bit high maintenance? They're the type of people who if you don't immediately call them back, they think something is wrong and you're mad at them. They remind me of that friend you had in Jr. know...THAT friend. The one who was needy and always asking you, "What's wrong? Are you mad at me?", when you were just having a bad day.

It's already going to be a LOOOONNNNNGGGG week.


Sarah said...

You HAVE come over to the dark side!!!! ROCK ON!!! Glad to see you girl!

Sarah said...

You did it! You got the picture on there. There are TONS of cool stuff you can do with Blogger. I'll email you some code. :)