Saturday, August 22, 2009

I have a sore boo-twah!

I had my fourth session of PT yesterday and my therapist (here on out referred to as "Gorgon the Torture Master") has been upping my sets and weights each time. This time we added a bunch of bootay work. I was like, "Pfff - bring it, Meat! I can handle it!"*(see footnote) Umm....Gorgon won this round. Yesterday's torture session consisted of:

  • IT band stretch on the roller of death (10x each leg)
  • Resistance band hip flexors of torment (4 positions, 3 sets of 10 on each leg without holding onto anything. Balance AND resistance - whew!)
  • Single leg dips with Gorgon pulling on leg with torture resistance band. Had to stabilize and dip at the same time. (3 sets of 15 on each leg)
  • Bosu ball balance on single leg w/ Gorgon nudging the ball periodically (3 sets of 30 sec each leg)
  • Clamshells with higher resistance band of death - it was red - go figure , to remind me of the firey depths of hell maybe? (3 sets of 15 each leg)
  • Bent leg 90 degree leg raises w/ diabolical ankle weight resting on knee (3 sets of 15 each leg)
  • Straight leg lifts laying on side - no extra weight but to failure at this point anyway (3 sets of 15 each leg)
  • Booty bridges with heels on Swiss exercise ball of malevolence. Had to stabilize and lift my booty. (10x, holding at top for 10 seconds)
  • Leg Press w/ unholy amount of weight (3 sets of 15)
An hour and a half later I am hobbling out of there like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. My hips and general buttock area were already getting stiff last night. I keep trying to get my husband to rub my butt but he's just not jumping at the offer. Maybe it's the smell of the Ben-Gay or the zombie man walk I'm doing now?

I met my running girls this morning for a nice 6 mile run to hopefully work some of the soreness out. One of the other girls is just coming off of an injury too. So, we're pacing ourselves right now. I love running with these gals though, we're all about the same pace. The humidity was KILLER today. I was seriously soaking, freakin', wet by the time we got back. But we managed to hold a 10:06 pace and push through. Not too bad running with two injured gimps. LOL. Tomorrow is supposed to be an easy, slow 7 with the Hubs. It should be in the 60s, so I'm stoked. MUCH better running weather.

Today I LOVE: Girl talk and dinner with friends.

* Note to self and others going to physical therapy - Do not antagonize or "f" in any way with your therapist before your session. Leave that to after the session - or even better after your LAST session.


Willie said...

This will make you better

I suppose


Good luck with that

Have a great run tomorrow, love to read you're running again.

Sheila said...

Wow, that PT sounds like true torture! My hubs has been going to that off and on over the last few months as well, and the tales he tells sound about as gruesome. However, it seems to work and get him able to run again, so yours should too!

Jo Lynn said...

Oh yes, I know better than to talk smack to Floyd prior to torture sessions. I usually start talking when he's already hooked me up to the freezing cold electrocution thingy anyway. LOL

lindsay said...

i can only imagine the pain :) i did some squaty-things for the first time in months and have been struggling to walk all week. this sounds way more intense.

Marlene said...

You are a machine!

Good to hear you had a nice run, too.

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